New Book Release: June 2024



It’s time for another BOOK BIRTHDAY!!


Today is the release of Willing to Wed the Rancher, Book 2 in my High Country Ranch Series. This book continues the adventures of the Oakley siblings with sweet Clarabelle getting her love story. It contains some fun tropes: an aristocratic gentleman, love-at-first-sight, love triangle, some mystery, fish out of water, and estranged family.


As with all of my Western Historical Romances, this is a sweet, closed-door romance without any explicit content or spice. But it’s also a sizzling romance which means it has lots of romantic tension, great kissing scenes, and an intense focus on the physical attraction.


Here’s what a few early readers are saying about this romance:


“This was such a good book! I loved Clarabelle and Franz’s chemistry and how well their personalities suited each other. The chemistry was nicely written without being “spice” or smut.”


“It is great historical romance where the focus is on romance—steamy but clean . . . A bit of danger and mystery added to the mix adds excitement and suspense to the sweet romance and family dynamics.”


“Oh my word! I’m pretty sure I loved this second book more than the first. Jody Hedlund has done it again! The perfect ‘cowboy’ romance to sweep you off your feet.”


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New Book Release: June 2024


Happy Summer! And Happy Book Release Day!


I’m pleased to announce that another Western Historical Romance series is releasing! This series is called High Country Ranch Series and is a spin-off of my Colorado Cowgirl series (with an introduction to the Oakley family in Claiming the Cowgirl).


This new ranch series still takes place in Colorado, but I’ve moved locations to the Breckenridge area (which is north of Fairplay). With a new ranch and a new family, saddle up and get ready for fun new adventures with the Oakley family! Each of the remaining five siblings will get a book in this new series.


Today is the release of Book 1, Waiting for the Rancher. In this story, Maverick Oakley gets to go on his journey to find true love. It was a fun romance to write involving lots of favorite tropes including: charming flirt, best friend’s sister, friends to more, secret crush, emotional scars, unexpected injury, and more.


This book is similar to the Colorado Cowgirl Series. It’s a sweet, closed-door romance without any explicit content or spice. But it’s also a sizzling romance which means it has lots of romantic tension, great kissing scenes, and an intense focus on the physical attraction.


In this series, the spiritual themes are lighter than some of my other traditionally published books. You can rest assured that the stories are still wholesome without swearing or questionable content, and the messages are still uplifting and inspiring.


Here’s what a few early readers are saying about this romance:


“The start of a new series was a home run! This newest series by the wonderful Jody Hedlund is off to an amazing start . . . with sizzling chemistry (and I mean off the charts, swoony and happy squealing chemistry).”


“Not only does romance abound, but also tragedy and healing. Prepare to be whisked away into Hedlund’s captivating tale – you will not be able to put this book down!!”


“Talented Author Jody Hedlund has done it again. She has written a sweet historical romance with a swoony cowboy.”


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New Book Release: April 2024

Another book, His Treasured Bride, is hitting shelves! It's the second book in the Bride Ships: New Voyages series, highlighting the brides who left everything behind in England to sail halfway around the world to marry men in the Pacific Northwest.


If you missed the first book, Finally His Bride, go grab it! You’ll enjoy His Treasured Bride much more if you have the background of all the events leading up to it. Regardless, you can read this new release as a standalone.


With this particular story, I’m REALLY excited to present to you Patti Stockdale. When Patti auditioned to write a story with me in my popular Bride Ship series, I just loved her fresh new voice, her rich historical details, and her ability to spin words. After months of working together, we’ve crafted a story that I know you’ll enjoy!


Here’s what early readers are already saying about His Treasured Bride:


“A fast-paced plot, beautifully crafted characters, a picturesque setting, and sweet romance combine in this story to make an enjoyable, satisfying read.”


“The story is a page-turner, has some humorous parts, and then times of despair, and unexpected outcomes. It's a great read which will inspire and warm your heart.”


“I loved everything about this story. It certainly is Love Comes Softly meets Indiana Jones! What a fun adventure this was and such a beautiful heart-connecting romance. Jody Hedlund’s influence is present but it also has a fresh, fun voice to it.”


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New Book Release: February 2024


Today is a BIG day! It’s another book release day. But not just any book release. It’s the release of Finally His Bride, the first book in Bride Ships: New Voyages which is a spin-off series of my previous fan-favorite Bride Ships series.


Similar to the first series, the new books involve brides sailing from England to Vancouver Island for the purpose of finding employment and husbands. Why did these women leave their homes for an unknown land? Why not just marry men in England?


Part of that had to do with the fact that by the early 1860s, there were 600,000 more women than men living in England. The opposite problem existed in English colonies where men outnumbered women. An 1861 census of Vancouver Island and British Columbia revealed that females comprised only 11 percent of the total population, which meant that men outnumbered women approximately 10 to 1. Thus to many, it seemed only reasonable to begin sending England’s surplus of marriageable women to the colonies to provide wives for the many men who wanted them.

If you haven’t read the previous books in my series (A Reluctant Bride, The Runaway Bride, A Bride of Convenience, and Almost a Bride), I invite you to read those as well. However, your enjoyment of this new series, Bride Ships: New Voyages, doesn’t in any way hinge upon the previous books. Rest assured, this new series involves a brand-new cast of characters and explores their reasons for joining the bride ships.


As always, this book is full of my trademark sizzling romance! Here’s what a few early readers are saying about this romance:


“As is characteristic for Jody Hedlund, she once again pens a fantastic romance novel full of clean but sizzling passion without sacrificing great character development and interesting history.”


“Long-awaited, much anticipated… this book was everything I hoped it would be and more. It was everything I loved about the original series- interesting characters, lovely chemistry, and so much more- with brand new faces and stories waiting to be told.”


“The romantic scenes in this book were so good, especially since the tension had been building for such a long time.”


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New Book Release: December 2023


Happy Holidays! And Happy Book Release Day!


Today Calling on the Matchmaker hits shelves! This is the first book of my new Matchmaker series!


There will be four books in this saga involving the Shanahan family in the frontier city of St. Louis, Missouri in late 1840s. The Shanahans are a loving family with six children. The oldest are reaching marriageable age, so the local matchmaker is called upon to help form advantageous matches. Even though the Irish matchmaker is wily, he still faces challenges as he seeks to pair each of the Shanahan siblings with their true loves.


While this series is set in a different time and place than my recent western series, rest assured the new books are still full of the toe-curling romance that readers have come to expect from my stories. You will not be disappointed!


Here’s what a few early readers are saying about this romance:


“SOOO CRAZY GOOD!!! Absolutely loved this book - one of my new favorites from this author!”


“Love, love, loved this book! This book is on my top 5 list of 2023 reads.”


“Wow. What a whirlwind. I can’t say enough how much I loved Finola and Riley’s story.”


“I love Jody Hedlund's books, and this one did not disappoint! It was totally bingeable!!”


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New Book Release: September 2023


Another book, CHRISTMAS BELLS AND WEDDING VOWS, hits shelves today! Yes, that makes two book releases this September—for those who are counting!


This book is truly very special! It’s a Christmas book just in time to get you into the Christmas spirit! Because let’s be honest, Christmas seems to come sooner and sooner every year. (The stores around me put out Christmas stuff in August now!)


Whatever your preference for when you like to get into the Christmas spirit, make sure to check out CHRISTMAS BELLS AND WEDDING VOWS!


Another reason this book is special is because it has not just one Christmas story but THREE! I had the privilege of collaborating with two other wonderful historical romance authors—Misty Beller and Lacy Williams. They both write sweet, closed-bedroom door romances, with uplifting and inspirational values. And I have no doubt you’ll enjoy their stories too!


The final reason this book is special is because it involves two characters that make an appearance in my Colorado Cowgirl series. So if you weren’t quite ready for the Cowgirl series to come to an end, then don’t miss this story. You’ll get to go back to Fairplay and spend a little more time there.


For those who haven’t read any books in my Colorado Cowgirl series, have no fear! This newest addition, Claiming the Cowgirl (my story inside CHRISTMAS BELLS AND WEDDING VOWS), is a standalone book, one you’ll completely understand and enjoy by itself.


If I haven’t convinced you yet on how special the book is, let me tell you one last thing about it. Each of the three stories, have to do with marriages of convenience. So if you love a good marriage of convenience story (and I do!), then you’re in for a treat to get three!


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New Book Release: September 2023


It’s time for another book release! Captivated by the Cowgirl is now available!


Recently over on Instagram, a reader asked me what book has been my favorite to write. And guess what I answered? Yep, you got it! Captivated by the Cowgirl!


The reason this book was so much fun was because I absolutely loved creating the witty banter between the hero and heroine. The hero really lays on the charm. The heroine does her best to resist that charm. And in the middle of it all is lots of bantering with plenty of romantic tension!


In addition to the fun dialogue, I also loved writing Captivated by the Cowgirl because it was my first venture into writing about royalty. Yes, one of the tropes in this book is secret royals! The hero is a prince who is trying to hide from an assassin and just happens to choose the remote mountain town up in the middle-of-nowhere in Fairplay, Colorado.


I invite you to run out and grab your copy of the book today and get ready for a wild but fun adventure! If you don’t take my word for it, here’s what some of my readers are saying:


“This was probably the most playful of the series. Take a cowgirl, add in a charmer, and have them beware of an assassination plot = fast paced and fun read.”


“This book was so cute and totally swoony! I absolutely LOVED the incredible banter between Felicity and Philip. Honestly, I could read it again and again. It was so electric.”


“The banter that went back in forth had me laughing and blushing at the same time. I love this book. A must read. Jody Hedlund has become my favorite author, hands down!”


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