Do Blog Comments Really Matter?

How would you feel if you spent precious time to plan and write a blog post and no one commented on what you wrote? Would you feel slighted? Embarrassed? Frustrated?

Perhaps you'd feel indifference. Maybe your blog is a place where you say what you want and you don't really care who reads it or what they think.

For the vast majority of us, however, blog comments really do matter. But, why? Why do we set so much stock in getting comments to our posts?

I believe the blogging experience is an extension of who we are at our deepest part. We pour our souls into our posts, baring ourselves, sharing about the things closest to us. . .and we don't want to throw our words out to utter nothingness.

Imagine if you shared with real life friends and they said very little or nothing in response. On a basic level we would wonder if they even heard us. And on a deeper level we would begin to question the effectiveness of our communication and our ability to connect with others.

Whether in real life or in our blogs, we not only long to express ourselves, but to have others validate what we're saying.

The comments people leave in response to our posts are affirmation that we're connecting with others in some way. And isn't that what we really long for--relationships where we can both understand and be understood?

Almost every time I read someone else's blog post, I try to leave a comment. Why?

1. The comment lets the blogger know I visited. If we only read blogs and never comment, the blogger usually won't know we've stopped by. When we leave even a brief comment, then we become real. Our picture and words let others know they're not alone. Our comment acknowledges the time and effort they put into writing their post.

2. A comment shows I've connected in some way to what they've written. Even if I stumble upon a post that's hard for me to relate to (which doesn't happen often), I can still let them know I appreciate what they shared. For some posts I may leave only a short comment and for others I might write the rough draft of a novel. Either way, I validate what they're saying.

3. When I comment I begin to develop relationships. I let them know that this is two-way, give-and-take communication. Hopefully it shows I'm open to new friendships and that I have a big enough heart to love whoever God puts in my path.

In my next post, I'll give my opinion on how to generate more comments. But for today I'd like to hear what you think. Do you like to get comments on your blog? Why is it important to you? And if you don't care about the comments, I'd love to hear your thoughts too!

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