New Book Release: February 2023


Happy Valentine’s Day! And Happy Book Release Day!


I honestly can’t remember ever having a book release on Valentine’s Day before, so that’s kind of exciting! Because, if you’ve read any of my books, you know I’m BIG on romance. I love it, and it oozes from my books!


The same is true of my new release, The Last Chance Cowboy. It’s a sweet but sizzling romance full of lots of favorite tropes including: Marriage of Convenience, Mistaken Identity, Unexpected Baby, and more.


The Last Chance Cowboy is essentially a redemption story for Dylan, who is the prodigal son turned sheriff. He’s back home after years of wild living and is doing his best to put his past behind him. So, he's in for a surprise when a woman shows up on his doorstep claiming that she has his baby.


As a midwife, Catherine, the heroine of The Last Chance Cowboy, is also struggling with a redemption story of her own. Since she’s been accused of a crime that she didn’t commit, she’s on the run from dangerous criminals. When she arrives in Fairplay and the sheriff proposes marriage, she thinks she might have found a solution to all her problems. She soon realizes that problems always have a way of catching up to a person . . .


Here’s what a few early readers are saying about this romance:


“The book was unputdownable! It is one of those books you want to keep reading but at the same time you want to slow down because you never want it to end.”


“This book is full of love and forgiveness, plenty of flirtatiousness and heart pounding kisses. Dylan is such a sweet talker, I can’t blame any woman for falling for him! This book pulls on all the heartstrings.”


I love marriage of convenience stories, especially when Jody Hedlund writes them. You can be guaranteed clean heat, passion in spades, and lots of charm and wooing. Dylan’s ‘darlin’ had my heart melting.”


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