New Book Release: May 2023


Today is a BOOK BIRTHDAY! Yay! (Throws confetti!)


WAIT FOR ME, another book in my time travel series, hits shelves today! If you’ve read (or watched) the Outlander series, then you’ll probably enjoy this book, especially if you’re looking for a closed-door, sweet romance.


Have you ever wanted to travel through time and discover what it was really like to live in another era? I have! But only if I could go back for just a little visit and then return to my comforts of the modern era!


But time traveling? Is it really possible?


In my Waters of Time series, one of my goals was to make time traveling seem believable. As I researched time traveling, I learned that ancient holy water and comas both caused people to have realistic visions. So I combined the two and used that as my method for the time crossing.


Here’s what a couple of readers had to say about it:


The whole concept of holy water as a vehicle for time travel is built strongly and simply and in such detail that it's not only a fascinating concept to think about but completely easy to believe within the world of this series.”


“I was once again captured by the thought and wonder of whether or not there really is such a thing as “Holy Water.” Could it really heal someone or give them the power to travel back in time?


If you haven’t read any of the other books in the series, what are you waiting for!? 😁 Either way, though, you can still read WAIT FOR ME as a standalone. While it references a few characters from previous books, the story (and time traveling details) are easy to follow.


This book like the rest in the series is slightly heavier on the sizzle (compared with my regular historical romances). The passion and chemistry between the characters is heated, but as I mentioned, it remains closed-door and sweet.


Early reviews are rolling in and readers are saying this:


As always, Ms. Hedlund writes romantic chemistry between her hero and heroine that practically sizzled off the page.”


“The attraction between Dawson and Philippa is instant and the chemistry is intense, but author Jody Hedlund never crosses the line in this sweetly romantic but totally clean romance.”


I hope that you’ll dive into the twisting waters of time in the pages of WAIT FOR ME. To find out more, visit the book page here:



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