New Book Release: June 2022



Another sweet but sizzling medieval romance? Yes, please!


ENSNARED is a new adventure in the Knights of Brethren series. And this particular story involves Gunnar, another of the king’s elite knights. He and his fellow knight, Torvald, are on a mission to find the sacred chalice for the queen to help heal her of a deadly bleeding disease.


This quest takes Gunnar home where he reunites with the maiden he’s always secretly loved, Mikaela, who happens to be a lowly bondservant in his brother’s home. The problem is, Gunnar didn’t exactly part ways on good terms with Mikaela. So as they meet again, the sparks fly hotter than ever!


I invite you to read this new tale to find out how Gunnar and Mikaela learn to work together to survive, not only against Gunnar’s evil brother, but also against the perils that await them in Hardanger Forest where they search for the sacred chalice.


I’m so happy to hear that early readers are already falling in love with this story, saying that it’s their favorite yet!


“I have adored the previous books from the Knights of Brethren series and was excited to get my hands on the newest installment, Ensnared. Oh my goodness, it is probably my new favorite of the series. I adored Gunnar and Mikaela’s story. It was sweet and full of faith with a mixture danger and suspense . . . Ensnared will be getting five plus stars from me.”


“This one was the best yet! The plot was really great, kept me guessing, and I'll never grow tired of just how Norse inspired this story world is.”


“Just when you think you can’t love a Jody Hedlund book more than her previous release, she issues forth another outstanding novel. Her latest, Ensnared, was a story I could hardly put down.”


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New Book Release: May 2022


Ready for another sweet and clean but sizzling cowboy romance?! Then I invite you to give TO TAME A COWBOY a try!

This is the much-anticipated story about the third hunky McQuaid brother, Brody. After fighting in the Civil War and being a prisoner of war, Brody is now in Colorado and living with his brothers at Healing Springs Ranch. While his body may have survived the war, his soul did not. Even though he’s broken, he finds satisfaction in training the mustangs that run free in the mountains.

Onto the scene comes the delightful heroine—veterinarian Savannah Marshall. She wants to do everything possible to help her father out of his financial woes, but she can’t make herself go through with marrying the wealthy man of his choosing. To buy herself time, she runs away into Colorado’s high country. When Savannah steps in to doctor a wounded horse, she soon finds herself trying to heal the wounded horse trainer too.


Let the romance begin! Brody and Savannah have an off-the-charts romance! Here’s what readers are saying about it:


“They are such a sweet pairing and their attraction and romance is undeniable! Suuuuch a good slow-burn clean-steam romance! (I'm calling it 'clean steam' because we get clean kissing and tension and longing, but with a hint of 🔥passssssion😉.)


“Can we just talk about the romance and chemistry? Oh mylanta. So much tension and chemistry between Brody and Savannah and yet they also had a great friendship and emotional connection!”


“The swoon worthy romance is an added bonus to make this a perfect read!”

“There are some sizzling kisses between Savannah and Brody, but that is all. I would feel very comfortable recommending this book to teens as well as adults.”

“I love how Hedlund gives you bits of steam to let you feel how much these two want each other! Not many romance writers know how to give you just a bit! Not too steamy for the reader who wants the bedroom door closed.”


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Are you ready for more books in my Knights of Brethren Series?!
I hope you have been looking forward to seeing Books 3 & 4 which I am super excited to share with you today!
Book 3 is ENSNARED and continues the adventures of the Knights of Brethren, the special group of knights that serve with King Ansgar (from Entwined Book 2). This newest installment gives dashing and daring Gunnar his happily ever after and involves a quest for a holy chalice rumored to bring healing. 
Here's a little more about the book:
Nursemaid to the Earl of Likness’s two young daughters, Mikaela despises the earl for his cruelty to his subjects, and she longs for the day when she can make a difference in the lives of her suffering friends and family.
As one of the Knights of Brethren, Gunnar is on a mission to find the sacred chalice for the queen, convinced it’s the cure for her deadly bleeding disease. His quest takes him home, and he soon learns his brother, the earl, may know more about the chalice than he lets on.

As Gunnar reunites with Mikaela, the maiden he’s always loved, he tries to keep his feelings for her a secret, desperate to protect her from his brother. But as they venture into the perilous Hardanger Forest and battle to survive, will Gunnar realize her love is worth fighting for?

Releases June 14, 2022
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Book 4 is ENRICHED and tells the story of Torvald and his journey toward true love as he works with Gunnar to locate the holy chalice in time to save the queen. 
Here's a little more about the book:
Lady Karina lives in a convent and expects to become a nun someday. When her wealthy father asks her to help his textile business become more successful by marrying one of the popular Knights of Brethren, Karina complies, ever the dutiful daughter.

During a royal quest to find the sacred chalice, Torvald is called home to save his family’s estate through an arranged marriage to a wealthy maiden. Although willing to do his duty, he’s vowed never to give his heart to anyone after watching his father suffer heartbreak over a woman.

As Torvald weds the kind and lovely Karina, he resists the pull of attraction to his bride. Even though Karina feels the sting of Torvald’s rejection, she chooses to love him unconditionally. As he resumes his search for the chalice and puts his life in jeopardy, Karina makes the ultimate sacrifice for him. Will he have the chance to love her in return before it’s too late?

Releases July 12, 2022

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New Book Release: January 2022

Yes, if you’re wondering, I have had a slew of releases over the past few months! NEVER LEAVE ME is the 4th book in four months. And it hits shelves today!


Those who read COME BACK TO ME, the first book in the Waters of Time series, will be happy to know that NEVER LEAVE ME picks up the story of Ellen and Harrison about a year after the first book ends. Although Ellen and Harrison have been friends for a long time, they finally get to experience love and adventure.


Similar to the first book, NEVER LEAVE ME takes place in both the present and the past with the element of time-crossing a prominent feature. Ancient holy water combined with a coma is still the vehicle for time traveling. And, of course, going into the past remains very dangerous, including the possibility of never recovering from the coma.


NEVER LEAVE ME is a sweet but sizzling love story with all the feels. If you like a clean but passionate romance, then you probably will enjoy this story. But if heavy romantic chemistry isn’t your thing, then you’ll probably want to steer clear of this series.


Early reviews are rolling in and readers are saying this:


Never Leave Me is one of my most anticipated sequels and it does not disappoint! Once again, author Jody Hedlund weaves a compelling, intelligent, page-turning story full of symbolism, healing, miracles, time-travel in another amazing "what-if" story. I could not put it down!”


Never Leave Me is the five-star read definitely worth losing sleep over because it’s that amazing and so hard to put down!”


“I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this book ever since I closed the last page of Come Back to Me. Engaging and hard to put down, Never Leave Me had me deeply invested in its characters and compelled by its time crossing storyline right from the start.”


I hope that you’ll dive into the twisting waters of time in the pages of NEVER LEAVE ME. To find out more, visit the book page here:


New Book Release: December 2021


ENTWINED, the second book in my Knights of Brethren series is NOW available! This story carries on the tale of the Sword of the Magi (inspired by tales of Excalibur). 
While steeped in medieval imagery, clothing, and language, this series is in a made-up country called Norvegia and has a fairy-tale feel (very similar to my other medieval YA series). It's always my goal to make everything grounded in reality so the fantasy elements seem possible.
And as usual, the romance is front and central to the story. In fact, each book in the series will feature a different Knight of Brethren and give him his happily-ever-after.
What kind of romance is this, you might be asking? 
Well, first and foremost it's a sweet and clean romance. The couples never go beyond anything but kissing. BUT, that doesn't mean the romance is bland and boring. I LOVE being able to bring a love story to life and give it all the feels!
Here's what a few early reviews are saying about the romance aspect of ENTWINED:
"And the romance? Well, let me just say that NO ONE writes swoony but sweet romance like Jody Hedlund. Trust me, my friends." 
 "Just a few pages into Entwined and the word that kept coming to mind was sizzling. Jody Hedlund started us in the middle of an adventure begun in Enamored and didn't let us catch a breath between the suspense and romance (talk about chemistry!)" 
If you like a sweet, adventurous romance that still makes your toes curl, then this series is for you! 
You can grab your copy HERE. And you can find more about this book as well as ENAMORED (the first book in the series) on my website:


New Book Release: November 2021


Every year for the past few years, I’ve released a new YA series. And this year is no different! Today begins the release of a 6-book series in my new Knights of Brethren series! Yay!


The first book, ENAMORED, releases today (Nov. 9, 2021). And the second book, ENTWINED, releases next month (Dec. 7, 2021). The next two books in the series, books 3 & 4, will release June and July of 2022. And then books 5 & 6 will also hit shelves back-to-back (date TBD). 

YES! That means the series will have SIX books! Eeek! I hope you’re as excited about that as I am!


So, what is this new series about? If you’ve read my previous two series The Lost Princesses and The Fairest Maidens, you might remember both were set in the same story world (just in different eras). However, the Knights of Brethren books move the story world to a completely new place with new people and new plots and is loosely inspired by legends of Merlin, King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.


While this series changes things up, there are plenty of things that remain the same: medieval adventure, dangerous dilemmas, and plenty of sweet romance. One early reviewer said this: “This book was so good! I don’t know why I was even worried that I wouldn’t like it because Jody Hedlund always writes amazing books! I could not recommend it more! I am so excited for this series!”


ENAMORED kicks off the series by telling the story of Maxim (based upon Merlin) who wields his mind as a weapon (instead of magic). He and the Princess Elinor must work together to help determine who will become the next king. Of course the story involves an ancient sword (inspired by Excalibur). The problem is that they don’t know if the sword will truly help or hurt them! I guess you’ll need to read the story to find out!


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New Book Release: October 2021



Are you ready for another sweet and clean but sizzling cowboy romance? Then you’re in luck! The Heart of a Cowboy is now available. Even though it’s the second book in the Colorado Cowboy series, it can be read as a standalone (although I highly recommend reading A Cowboy for Keeps first).

This story is about the second hunky McQuaid brother, Flynn. He’s the responsible, fatherly figure who’s been taking care of his three younger siblings and helping to raise them. After getting kicked off their family farm, Flynn and his siblings decide to move to Colorado, leading a big herd of cattle up to their brother's ranch in the high country.

At the beginning of their trip, the McQuaid family comes across a party of botanists. Amidst the group is a vivacious, beautiful, redheaded botanist, Linnea, who captures Flynn’s attention. Of course, from the moment they meet, lots of sparks start flying between the lovely lead couple. And the sparks only keep getting hotter the longer they travel together down the Santa Fe Trail to Colorado.

But a romance would be boring if the couple didn’t face obstacles to overcome on their journey to find lasting love. In the end, the hardships make the relationship all the stronger and sweeter.

Early readers have already been enjoying this new story! Here’s what they’re saying:

“An amazing read that had me ignore everything else to finish it! Ever since reading A Cowboy for Keeps, I have been eagerly awaiting Flynn's story, and I was blown away. Whether it be the dynamics between siblings or the slow burn romance, everything about this story kept me so engaged and entertained. Highly recommend grabbing a copy today!"


“The Heart of a Cowboy is jam-packed with thrilling adventure and heart-throbbing romance.”


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