New Book Release: May 2023


Today is a BOOK BIRTHDAY! Yay! (Throws confetti!)


WAIT FOR ME, another book in my time travel series, hits shelves today! If you’ve read (or watched) the Outlander series, then you’ll probably enjoy this book, especially if you’re looking for a closed-door, sweet romance.


Have you ever wanted to travel through time and discover what it was really like to live in another era? I have! But only if I could go back for just a little visit and then return to my comforts of the modern era!


But time traveling? Is it really possible?


In my Waters of Time series, one of my goals was to make time traveling seem believable. As I researched time traveling, I learned that ancient holy water and comas both caused people to have realistic visions. So I combined the two and used that as my method for the time crossing.


Here’s what a couple of readers had to say about it:


The whole concept of holy water as a vehicle for time travel is built strongly and simply and in such detail that it's not only a fascinating concept to think about but completely easy to believe within the world of this series.”


“I was once again captured by the thought and wonder of whether or not there really is such a thing as “Holy Water.” Could it really heal someone or give them the power to travel back in time?


If you haven’t read any of the other books in the series, what are you waiting for!? 😁 Either way, though, you can still read WAIT FOR ME as a standalone. While it references a few characters from previous books, the story (and time traveling details) are easy to follow.


This book like the rest in the series is slightly heavier on the sizzle (compared with my regular historical romances). The passion and chemistry between the characters is heated, but as I mentioned, it remains closed-door and sweet.


Early reviews are rolling in and readers are saying this:


As always, Ms. Hedlund writes romantic chemistry between her hero and heroine that practically sizzled off the page.”


“The attraction between Dawson and Philippa is instant and the chemistry is intense, but author Jody Hedlund never crosses the line in this sweetly romantic but totally clean romance.”


I hope that you’ll dive into the twisting waters of time in the pages of WAIT FOR ME. To find out more, visit the book page here:



New Book Release: February 2023


Happy Valentine’s Day! And Happy Book Release Day!


I honestly can’t remember ever having a book release on Valentine’s Day before, so that’s kind of exciting! Because, if you’ve read any of my books, you know I’m BIG on romance. I love it, and it oozes from my books!


The same is true of my new release, The Last Chance Cowboy. It’s a sweet but sizzling romance full of lots of favorite tropes including: Marriage of Convenience, Mistaken Identity, Unexpected Baby, and more.


The Last Chance Cowboy is essentially a redemption story for Dylan, who is the prodigal son turned sheriff. He’s back home after years of wild living and is doing his best to put his past behind him. So, he's in for a surprise when a woman shows up on his doorstep claiming that she has his baby.


As a midwife, Catherine, the heroine of The Last Chance Cowboy, is also struggling with a redemption story of her own. Since she’s been accused of a crime that she didn’t commit, she’s on the run from dangerous criminals. When she arrives in Fairplay and the sheriff proposes marriage, she thinks she might have found a solution to all her problems. She soon realizes that problems always have a way of catching up to a person . . .


Here’s what a few early readers are saying about this romance:


“The book was unputdownable! It is one of those books you want to keep reading but at the same time you want to slow down because you never want it to end.”


“This book is full of love and forgiveness, plenty of flirtatiousness and heart pounding kisses. Dylan is such a sweet talker, I can’t blame any woman for falling for him! This book pulls on all the heartstrings.”


I love marriage of convenience stories, especially when Jody Hedlund writes them. You can be guaranteed clean heat, passion in spades, and lots of charm and wooing. Dylan’s ‘darlin’ had my heart melting.”


To find out more about The Last Chance Cowboy visit my website at:



New Book Release: December 2022


Merry Christmas! And merry book release!


STAY WITH ME, the long-anticipated sequel in my Waters of Time series, hits shelves today!


The previous two books, Come Back to Me and Never Leave Me, are a pair and involve the Creighton family with sisters, Marian and Ellen, each getting a book.


This newest book, STAY WITH ME takes readers on a new adventure with a new family, the Huxhams. Siblings Sybil and Dawson each get an adventure in the Middle Ages. STAY WITH ME is Sybils story. And Dawson’s journey, Wait For Me, releases in May of 2023.


Essentially STAY WITH ME is a standalone with references to previous characters from earlier books, but none are integral to understanding the plot. So if you pick up this book without having read the previous ones, you’ll be fine.


Similar to the other books in the Waters of Time series, STAY WITH ME takes place in both the present and the past with the element of time-crossing a prominent feature. Ancient holy water combined with a coma is still the vehicle for time traveling. And, of course, going into the past remains very dangerous, including the possibility of never recovering from the coma.


This book like the rest in the series is slightly heavier on the sizzle (compared with my regular historical romances). The passion and chemistry between the characters is heated, but it all remains clean.


Early reviews are rolling in and readers are saying this:


“With a spell-binding plot and a romance that sizzles off the page, readers will gladly get lost within Sybil and Nicholas' story. I absolutely loved the hero! Definitely one of my top book heroes.”


“Wow! I am so glad Jody Hedlund continued the Waters of Time series! Sybil & Nicholas were such intriguing characters from the previous books and were just begging for their stories to be told. This book does not disappoint! I admit I stayed up past 1:30 am reading because it was so hard to put down.”


“I was hooked from the very first page and couldn’t put it down. It captivated me with its suspenseful and intriguing storyline, intelligent writing, great characters, nonstop action, and clean but intense romance. As soon as I finished, I was ready to re-read it again.”


I hope that you’ll dive into the twisting waters of time in the pages of STAY WITH ME. To find out more, visit the book page here:


New Book Release: October 2022


Another sweet but sizzling cowboy romance hits shelves this month! Falling for the Cowgirl is now available!

This is a standalone novel in the McQuaid family saga, which means you don’t have to read the other books in the series for this one to make sense. But I have a hunch you’ll love all of the McQuaid stories, so do yourself a favor and start with Book #1, A Cowboy for Keeps.


Falling for the Cowgirl is the story of Ivy, the only girl in the McQuaid clan. As a result of being the lone female, she’s quite the tomboy. In fact, at the start of the story, she’s participating in cowhand competitions (the old-fashioned way of saying rodeo), but since women aren’t allowed to be involved, she’s disguised herself as a young man.


Well of course, the dashing hero, Jericho shows up at a competition and recognizes her behind her disguise! And boy-howdy, does he have a lot to say to Ivy and her involvement in the dangerous stunts. Sparks start flying right away and never stop!


Here’s what a few early readers are saying about this romance:


“The fast-paced, action-packed plot along with compelling, memorable characters lasso your attention and keep you reading! Sizzling, but clean, romance with lots of tension and awkward moments is delightfully entertaining.”


“The story was fantastic, the romance was swoony, (the second-chance romance element was so sweet!) There's hidden identities, a bit of mystery, suspense, family, ahhh I loved it all!”


“This story is sweet romance and delightful angst and explosive chemistry and conflict all through, and the ending took me by surprise. Whether or not you've read the other books in this series, you can dive into Ivy's story and not feel behind; the author is great at setting the stage and keeping each book in the series complete in itself.”


“Picked this up to read the first few chapters before bed time....and ended up staying up way past my bedtime and read until I reached the conclusion because I could not put it down. Jody has done it again! *chef's kiss* “


To find out more about Falling for the Cowgirl visit my website at:


New Book Release: September 2022


ENTRUSTED is now available! This is book six and the grand finale of the Knights of Brethren series!


I have to say, when I opened up a blank document to begin writing this last story, I honestly didn’t know how I was going to wrap up this series and bring all the loose ends together.


Of course, I knew I needed to tell Kristoffer’s story and continue the quest for the holy lamp (the relic that I introduced in book five). I also knew I needed to have the final epic battle with King Canute (from the neighboring country). But beyond that, I wasn’t sure how I’d be able to bring everything to a satisfying ending.


To make matters more complicated, not only had I developed an external threat to the Knights of Brethren (King Canute and his army of Dark Warriors), but I’d also thrown in an internal threat (possible betrayal from within the tight-knit group of knights).


With so much to resolve, you can only imagine my trepidation. But as always, I plunged forward with telling Kristoffer and Birgitta’s love story. And somehow along the way, they took over the storytelling, led me on a dangerous and delectable journey, and came up with an ending that defied anything I could have imagined—oh, wait, I did imagine it!


It's true that sometimes I forget the characters aren’t real people. They come to life so vividly, I just let them dictate the story so that by the time I write the climax, they’re fully in charge and somehow happen to create an ending that satisfies me.


I’m happy to report readers are satisfied with the series conclusion too! Here’s what they’re saying:


“What an amazing conclusion to this wonderful and entertaining series! I was completely captivated from the opening scene until the last page. I recently read Enflamed and loved it, but I think Entrusted is even better.”


“This book was just a wonderful conclusion to an amazing series. I have so loved this series and I am so sad to see it end.”


“This is the last book in the Knights of Brethren series and, OH. MY. GOODNESS, it is a story that will captivate you and hold you spellbound until the very end!”


“An absolutely perfect ending to an epic and romantic series, this book was SO good! Oh my gosh, I was completely enraptured reading it. I didn't even notice the passing of time because the story just pulled me in, and I didn't come up until I had finished it in one sitting. I LOVED this story!”


To learn more about ENTRUSTED head over to my website page here:



New Book Release: August 2022

ENFLAMED is now available! This is the fifth sweet but sizzling romance in the Knights of Brethren series!


When I was writing this book, I didn’t realize that I included FOUR main tropes! But somehow the book ended up with these:


Friends to Lovers. Sir Espen has always kept Lady Sylvi at arm’s length all throughout their growing up years. Although he’s secretly held feelings for her, he’s never crossed the line in thinking that there could be something more between them.


Best Friend’s Sister. Not only is Espen friends with Lady Sylvi, but he’s best friends with her brother, Kristoffer. Kris would never approve of him looking at Sylvi in anything but a sisterly fashion. He most certainly wouldn’t approve of him falling in love with her.


Forbidden Love. As if the other obstacles aren’t enough, Espen and Sylvi are from different social classes. He’s the son of a poor fisherman, and she’s the daughter of a wealthy and prestigious noble family. She’s expected to form an advantageous marriage.


Marriage of Convenience. Espen agrees to help Sylvi escape the terrible matches her father has arranged for her. Of course, Espen can never say no to Sylvi, so when she proposes that they get married to thwart her father’s schemes, he reluctantly goes along with her plans for a marriage of convenience.


Join in reading this new love story and be swept away in the fast-paced adventure that involves a quest for an ancient holy lamp, a cliff-top lighthouse, and an imminent war with the neighboring king and his army of deadly Dark Warriors.


Early reviews are pouring in, and readers are loving Espen and Sylvi’s story:


“Enflamed has everything I've come to expect from this series - action, adventure, swoony knights, a steadfast leading lady, daring rescues, plot twists I didn't see coming, romance......ah the romance. Espen and Sylvi were the cutest, y'all.”


“I know I say this with each new YA book of Ms Hedlund, but this is my favorite! A sweet, slow burning friends-to-lovers romance in the midst of life-saving adventure.”


“LOVED this story, it was one of those you just couldn't put down until finished. Of all the knights of brethren, Espen has got to be my favorite for his humble start, and easy-going nature.”


To learn more about ENFLAMED head over to my website page here:




New Book Release: July 2022

Do you like stories with an arranged marriage trope? Then you’ll love ENRICHED, the next sweet but sizzling romance in the Knights of Brethren series!


The long-awaited happily-ever-after for Torvald is finally here! As a close friend of the king, Torvald is on a mission to find the sacred chalice (aka holy grail) in an effort to help save the queen who is dying of a deadly disease.


In the midst of his mission, the strong, brooding knight is called home by his father to save his family estate by marrying a wealthy noblewoman. Vowing never to love a maiden, he steels himself against any feelings for his new wife. However, as strong as Torvald is, he can’t withstand Karina’s kindness and beauty.


Join in reading this new love story and be swept away in the fast-paced adventure that involves a dark forest, a dangerous troll-like creature, and a chalice rumored to bring about healing.


Early reviews are pouring in and readers are loving Torvald and Karina’s story:


“I LOVED this book! This series is so amazing! Each book blends believable fantasy with clean, heartfelt romance, mystery and plenty of action. This is definitely my favorite book so far! I love grumpy/sunshine and marriage of convenience tropes and this book combines the two brilliantly.”


“Y'ALL. Jody Hedlund has once again knocked it out of the park with Enriched, the next installment in her Knights of Brethren series. It is so good. So so so good.”


“Of all the incredible heroes and heroines featured so far in this delightful series, I think Torvald and Karina have to be the sweetest.”


To learn more about ENRICHED head over to my website page here:



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