New Book Release: December 2022


Merry Christmas! And merry book release!


STAY WITH ME, the long-anticipated sequel in my Waters of Time series, hits shelves today!


The previous two books, Come Back to Me and Never Leave Me, are a pair and involve the Creighton family with sisters, Marian and Ellen, each getting a book.


This newest book, STAY WITH ME takes readers on a new adventure with a new family, the Huxhams. Siblings Sybil and Dawson each get an adventure in the Middle Ages. STAY WITH ME is Sybils story. And Dawson’s journey, Wait For Me, releases in May of 2023.


Essentially STAY WITH ME is a standalone with references to previous characters from earlier books, but none are integral to understanding the plot. So if you pick up this book without having read the previous ones, you’ll be fine.


Similar to the other books in the Waters of Time series, STAY WITH ME takes place in both the present and the past with the element of time-crossing a prominent feature. Ancient holy water combined with a coma is still the vehicle for time traveling. And, of course, going into the past remains very dangerous, including the possibility of never recovering from the coma.


This book like the rest in the series is slightly heavier on the sizzle (compared with my regular historical romances). The passion and chemistry between the characters is heated, but it all remains clean.


Early reviews are rolling in and readers are saying this:


“With a spell-binding plot and a romance that sizzles off the page, readers will gladly get lost within Sybil and Nicholas' story. I absolutely loved the hero! Definitely one of my top book heroes.”


“Wow! I am so glad Jody Hedlund continued the Waters of Time series! Sybil & Nicholas were such intriguing characters from the previous books and were just begging for their stories to be told. This book does not disappoint! I admit I stayed up past 1:30 am reading because it was so hard to put down.”


“I was hooked from the very first page and couldn’t put it down. It captivated me with its suspenseful and intriguing storyline, intelligent writing, great characters, nonstop action, and clean but intense romance. As soon as I finished, I was ready to re-read it again.”


I hope that you’ll dive into the twisting waters of time in the pages of STAY WITH ME. To find out more, visit the book page here:


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