New Book Release: May 2022


Ready for another sweet and clean but sizzling cowboy romance?! Then I invite you to give TO TAME A COWBOY a try!

This is the much-anticipated story about the third hunky McQuaid brother, Brody. After fighting in the Civil War and being a prisoner of war, Brody is now in Colorado and living with his brothers at Healing Springs Ranch. While his body may have survived the war, his soul did not. Even though he’s broken, he finds satisfaction in training the mustangs that run free in the mountains.

Onto the scene comes the delightful heroine—veterinarian Savannah Marshall. She wants to do everything possible to help her father out of his financial woes, but she can’t make herself go through with marrying the wealthy man of his choosing. To buy herself time, she runs away into Colorado’s high country. When Savannah steps in to doctor a wounded horse, she soon finds herself trying to heal the wounded horse trainer too.


Let the romance begin! Brody and Savannah have an off-the-charts romance! Here’s what readers are saying about it:


“They are such a sweet pairing and their attraction and romance is undeniable! Suuuuch a good slow-burn clean-steam romance! (I'm calling it 'clean steam' because we get clean kissing and tension and longing, but with a hint of 🔥passssssion😉.)


“Can we just talk about the romance and chemistry? Oh mylanta. So much tension and chemistry between Brody and Savannah and yet they also had a great friendship and emotional connection!”


“The swoon worthy romance is an added bonus to make this a perfect read!”

“There are some sizzling kisses between Savannah and Brody, but that is all. I would feel very comfortable recommending this book to teens as well as adults.”

“I love how Hedlund gives you bits of steam to let you feel how much these two want each other! Not many romance writers know how to give you just a bit! Not too steamy for the reader who wants the bedroom door closed.”


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