Are you ready for more books in my Knights of Brethren Series?!
I hope you have been looking forward to seeing Books 3 & 4 which I am super excited to share with you today!
Book 3 is ENSNARED and continues the adventures of the Knights of Brethren, the special group of knights that serve with King Ansgar (from Entwined Book 2). This newest installment gives dashing and daring Gunnar his happily ever after and involves a quest for a holy chalice rumored to bring healing. 
Here's a little more about the book:
Nursemaid to the Earl of Likness’s two young daughters, Mikaela despises the earl for his cruelty to his subjects, and she longs for the day when she can make a difference in the lives of her suffering friends and family.
As one of the Knights of Brethren, Gunnar is on a mission to find the sacred chalice for the queen, convinced it’s the cure for her deadly bleeding disease. His quest takes him home, and he soon learns his brother, the earl, may know more about the chalice than he lets on.

As Gunnar reunites with Mikaela, the maiden he’s always loved, he tries to keep his feelings for her a secret, desperate to protect her from his brother. But as they venture into the perilous Hardanger Forest and battle to survive, will Gunnar realize her love is worth fighting for?

Releases June 14, 2022
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Book 4 is ENRICHED and tells the story of Torvald and his journey toward true love as he works with Gunnar to locate the holy chalice in time to save the queen. 
Here's a little more about the book:
Lady Karina lives in a convent and expects to become a nun someday. When her wealthy father asks her to help his textile business become more successful by marrying one of the popular Knights of Brethren, Karina complies, ever the dutiful daughter.

During a royal quest to find the sacred chalice, Torvald is called home to save his family’s estate through an arranged marriage to a wealthy maiden. Although willing to do his duty, he’s vowed never to give his heart to anyone after watching his father suffer heartbreak over a woman.

As Torvald weds the kind and lovely Karina, he resists the pull of attraction to his bride. Even though Karina feels the sting of Torvald’s rejection, she chooses to love him unconditionally. As he resumes his search for the chalice and puts his life in jeopardy, Karina makes the ultimate sacrifice for him. Will he have the chance to love her in return before it’s too late?

Releases July 12, 2022

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