New Book Release: June 2022



Another sweet but sizzling medieval romance? Yes, please!


ENSNARED is a new adventure in the Knights of Brethren series. And this particular story involves Gunnar, another of the king’s elite knights. He and his fellow knight, Torvald, are on a mission to find the sacred chalice for the queen to help heal her of a deadly bleeding disease.


This quest takes Gunnar home where he reunites with the maiden he’s always secretly loved, Mikaela, who happens to be a lowly bondservant in his brother’s home. The problem is, Gunnar didn’t exactly part ways on good terms with Mikaela. So as they meet again, the sparks fly hotter than ever!


I invite you to read this new tale to find out how Gunnar and Mikaela learn to work together to survive, not only against Gunnar’s evil brother, but also against the perils that await them in Hardanger Forest where they search for the sacred chalice.


I’m so happy to hear that early readers are already falling in love with this story, saying that it’s their favorite yet!


“I have adored the previous books from the Knights of Brethren series and was excited to get my hands on the newest installment, Ensnared. Oh my goodness, it is probably my new favorite of the series. I adored Gunnar and Mikaela’s story. It was sweet and full of faith with a mixture danger and suspense . . . Ensnared will be getting five plus stars from me.”


“This one was the best yet! The plot was really great, kept me guessing, and I'll never grow tired of just how Norse inspired this story world is.”


“Just when you think you can’t love a Jody Hedlund book more than her previous release, she issues forth another outstanding novel. Her latest, Ensnared, was a story I could hardly put down.”


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