New Book Release: September 2023


Another book, CHRISTMAS BELLS AND WEDDING VOWS, hits shelves today! Yes, that makes two book releases this September—for those who are counting!


This book is truly very special! It’s a Christmas book just in time to get you into the Christmas spirit! Because let’s be honest, Christmas seems to come sooner and sooner every year. (The stores around me put out Christmas stuff in August now!)


Whatever your preference for when you like to get into the Christmas spirit, make sure to check out CHRISTMAS BELLS AND WEDDING VOWS!


Another reason this book is special is because it has not just one Christmas story but THREE! I had the privilege of collaborating with two other wonderful historical romance authors—Misty Beller and Lacy Williams. They both write sweet, closed-bedroom door romances, with uplifting and inspirational values. And I have no doubt you’ll enjoy their stories too!


The final reason this book is special is because it involves two characters that make an appearance in my Colorado Cowgirl series. So if you weren’t quite ready for the Cowgirl series to come to an end, then don’t miss this story. You’ll get to go back to Fairplay and spend a little more time there.


For those who haven’t read any books in my Colorado Cowgirl series, have no fear! This newest addition, Claiming the Cowgirl (my story inside CHRISTMAS BELLS AND WEDDING VOWS), is a standalone book, one you’ll completely understand and enjoy by itself.


If I haven’t convinced you yet on how special the book is, let me tell you one last thing about it. Each of the three stories, have to do with marriages of convenience. So if you love a good marriage of convenience story (and I do!), then you’re in for a treat to get three!


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