New Book Release: August 2022

ENFLAMED is now available! This is the fifth sweet but sizzling romance in the Knights of Brethren series!


When I was writing this book, I didn’t realize that I included FOUR main tropes! But somehow the book ended up with these:


Friends to Lovers. Sir Espen has always kept Lady Sylvi at arm’s length all throughout their growing up years. Although he’s secretly held feelings for her, he’s never crossed the line in thinking that there could be something more between them.


Best Friend’s Sister. Not only is Espen friends with Lady Sylvi, but he’s best friends with her brother, Kristoffer. Kris would never approve of him looking at Sylvi in anything but a sisterly fashion. He most certainly wouldn’t approve of him falling in love with her.


Forbidden Love. As if the other obstacles aren’t enough, Espen and Sylvi are from different social classes. He’s the son of a poor fisherman, and she’s the daughter of a wealthy and prestigious noble family. She’s expected to form an advantageous marriage.


Marriage of Convenience. Espen agrees to help Sylvi escape the terrible matches her father has arranged for her. Of course, Espen can never say no to Sylvi, so when she proposes that they get married to thwart her father’s schemes, he reluctantly goes along with her plans for a marriage of convenience.


Join in reading this new love story and be swept away in the fast-paced adventure that involves a quest for an ancient holy lamp, a cliff-top lighthouse, and an imminent war with the neighboring king and his army of deadly Dark Warriors.


Early reviews are pouring in, and readers are loving Espen and Sylvi’s story:


“Enflamed has everything I've come to expect from this series - action, adventure, swoony knights, a steadfast leading lady, daring rescues, plot twists I didn't see coming, romance......ah the romance. Espen and Sylvi were the cutest, y'all.”


“I know I say this with each new YA book of Ms Hedlund, but this is my favorite! A sweet, slow burning friends-to-lovers romance in the midst of life-saving adventure.”


“LOVED this story, it was one of those you just couldn't put down until finished. Of all the knights of brethren, Espen has got to be my favorite for his humble start, and easy-going nature.”


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