New Book Release: July 2022

Do you like stories with an arranged marriage trope? Then you’ll love ENRICHED, the next sweet but sizzling romance in the Knights of Brethren series!


The long-awaited happily-ever-after for Torvald is finally here! As a close friend of the king, Torvald is on a mission to find the sacred chalice (aka holy grail) in an effort to help save the queen who is dying of a deadly disease.


In the midst of his mission, the strong, brooding knight is called home by his father to save his family estate by marrying a wealthy noblewoman. Vowing never to love a maiden, he steels himself against any feelings for his new wife. However, as strong as Torvald is, he can’t withstand Karina’s kindness and beauty.


Join in reading this new love story and be swept away in the fast-paced adventure that involves a dark forest, a dangerous troll-like creature, and a chalice rumored to bring about healing.


Early reviews are pouring in and readers are loving Torvald and Karina’s story:


“I LOVED this book! This series is so amazing! Each book blends believable fantasy with clean, heartfelt romance, mystery and plenty of action. This is definitely my favorite book so far! I love grumpy/sunshine and marriage of convenience tropes and this book combines the two brilliantly.”


“Y'ALL. Jody Hedlund has once again knocked it out of the park with Enriched, the next installment in her Knights of Brethren series. It is so good. So so so good.”


“Of all the incredible heroes and heroines featured so far in this delightful series, I think Torvald and Karina have to be the sweetest.”


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