New Book Release: December 2021


ENTWINED, the second book in my Knights of Brethren series is NOW available! This story carries on the tale of the Sword of the Magi (inspired by tales of Excalibur). 
While steeped in medieval imagery, clothing, and language, this series is in a made-up country called Norvegia and has a fairy-tale feel (very similar to my other medieval YA series). It's always my goal to make everything grounded in reality so the fantasy elements seem possible.
And as usual, the romance is front and central to the story. In fact, each book in the series will feature a different Knight of Brethren and give him his happily-ever-after.
What kind of romance is this, you might be asking? 
Well, first and foremost it's a sweet and clean romance. The couples never go beyond anything but kissing. BUT, that doesn't mean the romance is bland and boring. I LOVE being able to bring a love story to life and give it all the feels!
Here's what a few early reviews are saying about the romance aspect of ENTWINED:
"And the romance? Well, let me just say that NO ONE writes swoony but sweet romance like Jody Hedlund. Trust me, my friends." 
 "Just a few pages into Entwined and the word that kept coming to mind was sizzling. Jody Hedlund started us in the middle of an adventure begun in Enamored and didn't let us catch a breath between the suspense and romance (talk about chemistry!)" 
If you like a sweet, adventurous romance that still makes your toes curl, then this series is for you! 
You can grab your copy HERE. And you can find more about this book as well as ENAMORED (the first book in the series) on my website:


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