New Book Release: November 2021


Every year for the past few years, I’ve released a new YA series. And this year is no different! Today begins the release of a 6-book series in my new Knights of Brethren series! Yay!


The first book, ENAMORED, releases today (Nov. 9, 2021). And the second book, ENTWINED, releases next month (Dec. 7, 2021). The next two books in the series, books 3 & 4, will release June and July of 2022. And then books 5 & 6 will also hit shelves back-to-back (date TBD). 

YES! That means the series will have SIX books! Eeek! I hope you’re as excited about that as I am!


So, what is this new series about? If you’ve read my previous two series The Lost Princesses and The Fairest Maidens, you might remember both were set in the same story world (just in different eras). However, the Knights of Brethren books move the story world to a completely new place with new people and new plots and is loosely inspired by legends of Merlin, King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.


While this series changes things up, there are plenty of things that remain the same: medieval adventure, dangerous dilemmas, and plenty of sweet romance. One early reviewer said this: “This book was so good! I don’t know why I was even worried that I wouldn’t like it because Jody Hedlund always writes amazing books! I could not recommend it more! I am so excited for this series!”


ENAMORED kicks off the series by telling the story of Maxim (based upon Merlin) who wields his mind as a weapon (instead of magic). He and the Princess Elinor must work together to help determine who will become the next king. Of course the story involves an ancient sword (inspired by Excalibur). The problem is that they don’t know if the sword will truly help or hurt them! I guess you’ll need to read the story to find out!


To learn more about ENAMORED head over to my website page here:


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