For the Love of Reading

Due to the Independence Day holiday, I'm taking a break from the usual post. Instead I thought I'd share some of my favorite Pinterest Pins about READING. After all, I wouldn't be writing books if I didn't have a passion for reading!

I hope you're taking some time this summer to foster and renew your love of reading! 


For more reading inspiration, I invite you to head over to my "I Love Reading" board on Pinterest. There you'll find all my favorite pins about reading. Feel free to repin your favorites!

And for those who may have missed seeing the cover of my April 2013 release, here it is!

Now if THIS cover doesn't fuel your desire to read, I don't know what will! ;-) Drool-worthy, isn't it? (You can read more about the book over on Goodreads here.)

Also, for those who'd like to get into a drawing to win a copy of my September 2012 release Unending Devotion, my publisher is giving away 15 copies of my book over on Goodreads as part of their First Reads program (the giveaway ends August 1). You could be one of the first to READ Unending Devotion! Click here to enter the giveaway.

Have a happy holiday weekend! See you back here next week for a regularly scheduled post.

And happy reading! What do you think of my newest cover?! What books are in your to-be-read pile this summer?


  1. I love the way his tie is untucked and blowing in the wind! And he is certainly swoon-worthy.

    My TBR pile? There are so many, I don't know where to begin. Mostly, I'm catching up on many young adult reads. Currently, I'm getting ready to start Across the Universe by Beth Revis. Another - Queen of Kentucky by a KY author who grew up close to me.

    Also, I have in my possession Keli Gwyn's A Bride Shop Opens in El Dorado, CA.

    So many books, so little time!! But vacation is coming....

  2. Good morning, Heather! You're up bright and early for the day after the 4th! :-)

    I love the motion of the cover too. It's a stunning visual effect, as if the wind is tugging him to move on (which fits nicely with his struggle to decide whether to move on or to stay with the heroine).

    My TBR pile right now consists mostly of the books I'm reading for endorsement purposes. I'm always honored to get a sneak peek at the works of some terrific authors!

  3. Love your new cover, Jody. That man is going to get a lot of women picking up your book. LOL. Love it! So many CBA books have less than swoon-worthy heroes on their covers, but yours is one of the best. Congrats! I know the story will be swoon-inducing as well.

  4. Thanks, Karen! I couldn't have picked a better picture for the hero if I'd tried. The Bethany House design team nailed him perfectly! They are certainly talented with their covers!

    I wasn't quite sure if I wanted a man on the cover of my book when my editor initially approached me with the idea. But since the hero of the book truly is a swoon-worthy kind of hero (he's noble and kind and very sweet), I think having a male on the cover fits this book really well!

  5. It's so rare to see a man front and center on a book (especially such a striking one!) - I think that alone will draw a lot of people to pick it up. It's interesting, because you kind of have to study it for a moment to see what time period it might be in. Usually a woman's gown is a good indicator, but men's clothing is a little harder to identify. Because his clothing looks very aristocratic it makes you look at the background to see if there is a country estate, but when you see the run down barn it really piques your interest to figure out why a wealthy, good looking man might be standing in a farmer's field. Very out of the box! :) Can't wait to read it!

  6. Due to our internet being out on the Independence Day holiday, I took a break from my usual work and read "The Preacher's Bride" You know, that and for the love of reading. :)

  7. It is a very nice cover! I know that his tie is supposed to be blowing in the wind, but since one cannot see the end of it I almost would think it's a Mary Connealy cover; the heroine holding the other end of the tie and "roping" her man in! I'm getting pictures in my head of a noose around his neck. :) LOL! Just kidding.

  8. Whoo-hoo! I heart reading! So seeing this, my 'heart' did a little flip!
    Jody, you know I WILL make sure I get my hands on the 2013 release, GREAT cover!
    I enjoyed this post and I'm going to check out that Pinterest board... AND I just saw this, A GIVEAWAY ?! (mouth agape.)

    Have a GREAT day!


  9. A perfect post: Quotes & a wonderful got-to-read-it book cover! :O)
    Thanks, Jody!

  10. Love the quotes... LOVE the book cover... Can't wait for September! (both to read your book and for very selfish reasons... HA HA HA!)

  11. I just love that book cover, Jody! Right now I'm reading "Not in the Heart" by Chris Fabry and loving it. Hope you had a great 4th!

  12. Thank you, everyone!! Loving your thoughts on the newest cover! :-) Happy reading!!

  13. Ummmm. I may need to take some kind of legal action husband did not knowingly pose for this cover. At least he didn't tell me he was on a book cover.
    That's gonna be an interesting dinner conversation, dontcha think?


  14. The cover, the cover! He''s gorgeous! ;) :)

    Following your board on pinterest! :)

  15. I agree, Melody! He is--I mean the cover is gorgeous! :-) And thanks for following me on Pinterest!

    Jennifer, you always crack me up! :-) Tell hubby thanks for the great pic! :-)

  16. Your other book covers have been lovely, but this is the first one that made me go, "Whoa..." Drool-worthy, indeed. :)

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