Blogging Changes

By JodyHedlund, @JodyHedlund

No doubt about it, the nature of blogging is changing. But that's not too surprising since social media is constantly evolving.

What changes have I noticed in blogging over the past nine months?

I've seen a decrease in the passion for blogging. Almost everyone that started a blog about the same time as me has either cut back or fallen away from blogging altogether. And from those who are blogging, I hear more nay saying and grumbling about blogging than I used to.

I've also noticed a decrease in activity surrounding blogging. Overall people interact less with posts via comments. I also see fewer tweets and facebook links. Surprisingly the stats for my own blog have remained fairly steady, but I haven't seen the exponential growth that came during the early days of blogging.

Overall, I've sensed fiction writers moving away from the urgent need to blog and placing more importance on channeling writing energy into more productive outlets like novellas, short stories, and additional novels.

While blogging for novelists can be a useful social media tool to a degree, many writers have realized that it can quickly become a time suck away from other more beneficial uses of our limited time.

For published authors, blogging can serve as a venue for connecting with readers. But I've noticed that most of my readers don't read my blog on a regular basis. (There are a few who do! You know who you are and I appreciate you SO much!) Generally, I garner the greatest reader interest in my posts when I hold a giveaway or make announcements. Most people just don't have the time or inclination to pop over and read author blogs on a regular basis.

I've tried to adjust to the changes in blogging over the past year, and I've come to the point in my blogging where I'm ready to make another slight adjustment. Over the fall and at least through December I'll be cutting back my posting to once a week. 

Of course I don't make any changes without a great deal of thought. And cutting back on blogging is always a hard decision for me to make since I've always liked blogging and enjoyed the interactions.

But I've decided to make the change to posting one time a week for a number of reasons (in addition to weighing all of the above):

1. I've added new writing projects. I've branched into some different writing projects over the past year (in addition to my contracted historical novels for Bethany House). I'm not at liberty to share what I've been working on yet, but I hope to have news to pass along in the near future!

2. I'll be teaching a grammar class this fall. My older children are in a high school co-op which requires parents to contribute in some way. I agreed to teach a grammar and composition class. While the class only meets once a week, I'll still have mounds of preparation along with weekly essays to grade.

3. I'm posting twice a month on another blog. This past spring I joined a group blog called Writes of Passage. It's a talented group of inspirational historical authors who came together to share more personally with readers. Since I post there twice a month (the second and fourth Saturdays), I feel the need to post here on Thursdays for readers has diminished.

All that to say, I've slowly added more to my plate over the past year. And we all know that we can't keep adding without taking something away. So for now, I'm taking away one blog post a week. While it doesn't seem like much, it will hopefully allow me to remain sane and still pursue my new ventures!

Thanks to everyone for reading my blog on such a regular basis! I appreciate you all! This blogging experience is so much richer because of you! I hope to see you here every Tuesday. (Or visit me at Writes of Passage the second and fourth Saturday of every month.)

How about you? Have you noticed changes in the blogging world lately? If you're a blogger, how are you feeling about your blogging experience lately? Has it been beneficial, a drag, or something in between?

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