Join Me in Celebrating the Release of Rebellious Heart!

By Jody Hedlund, @JodyHedlund

It's that time again! My 5th book, Rebellious Heart is releasing in September. And I'm already gearing up for a month-long celebration with a flurry of activities!

After the months of hard work researching, writing, rewriting, line-editing, and planning for the release, it's always so exciting when the big moment finally arrives!

But I have to admit, it's also still nerve-wracking (even with my 5th book!) as I wait for those first reactions to the book.

I'm grateful that so far, the book is mostly getting a positive reception. One early review on Anne's Book Nook said, "I have loved all of Jody Hedlund's books, but Rebellious Heart is my absolute favorite by far! Painting a vivid history of the American colonies before the War of Independence, this novel is brilliantly written."

I've been an author long enough to know that not everyone will like my new release. Some readers will like my other books better. Some won't like this book at all.

I'm learning to rest in the knowledge that once a book releases onto shelves, I have to release it from my heart as well. I try to tell myself, "I've worked as hard as possible to tell the best story I can. Now there's nothing more I can do except trust that my book will touch those who need it most."

To celebrate the release of Rebellious Heart, I invite you to join me in a number of different activities and giveaways!

1. Check out the "Fall Into Love Contest" that my publisher is sponsoring (and designed by Jones House Creative team). It's EPIC with LOTS of prizes! (And beautiful and creative!) You can't tell I love it, can you? *grin* You won't want to miss it! Head over to the Contest Page (right away!) and take a look around. And while you're there, make sure to register for the lovely prize package for Rebellious Heart.

2. Join in the "Rebellious Heart 20 Book Giveaway!" All during the next month, I'll be visiting 20 different blogs and giving away 20 SIGNED copies of Rebellious Heart. The giveaways started earlier in the week at Books & Beverages and Christian Historical Romance Review. Make sure you go to each blog and leave a comment to be entered into the giveaways! For a complete listing of giveaways, head over to my Media Page.

3. Visit my Rebellious Heart Pinterest Board. There you'll get to meet the characters, see some of the setting of the book, get a better idea what the story is about, and even discover some of the books I used during my research.

4. Stop by Goodreads for another chance to win a free copy of Rebellious Heart. My publisher will be holding a Goodreads giveaway from September 1-15. It's always easy to enter Goodreads giveaways! So head over on September 1st and enter.

5. Participate in the Fall Scavenger Hunt (from Oct. 18-20th). This is a fun event hosted by approximately 30 inspirational authors. Readers visit various author blogs, pick up a clue, and get entered to win a grand prize (TBA), along with the possibility of winning books from the authors participating in the Scavenger Hunt. Keep updated on the Scavenger Hunt by following me on Facebook.

As always, I LOVE getting pictures of my readers with my book! If you have my book, make sure to take a picture, post it on Facebook, and tag me (or send me the picture via an email). I have a My Fabulous Reader board on Pinterest where I love to post reader pictures!

Thanks for celebrating another book release with me! It wouldn't be nearly as fun without you!

Question for you: Did you realize that authors get nervous during the release of a book? Do you think an author should read the reviews on his or her book? Why or why not?

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