Light the Flame

Have you started to make consistent progress on your WIP or other writing goals? Has it helped to have a little accountability from other writers?

If it has, then let's keep going. Let's continue to light the flame under each other. Tell us in the comments what your goals are for either the weekend or for next week. And then next week we'll check back with you to see how you did.

As usual, my weekend goal is 1500 words on my WIP. Since I write 500 per week day, my weekly total usually amounts to 4000 words. I also need to revise 3 chapters on my WIP to send to the lady who has started editing it.

For those who don't have any writing goals yet, tell us what's holding you back from developing them!

Here's what Bickman has to say about PERSEVERANCE in his book 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes:
  • Writers write; everyone else makes excuses.

  • Nothing short of a genuine tragedy in your life should be allowed to intrude into your regular work as a writer of fiction.

  • Writing can be tremendous fun and wonderfully rewarding. But writing is hard work.

  • All the excuses, all the complaints, all the alternatives to work must be fought through; the real writer will work. And regularly.

  • Consistent, persistent, even dogged work, day in and day out, is the professional's way.

  • All writer's get discouraged, tired and worn down. The good ones don't make excuses. They keep going.

Now if that list isn't a flame to light your writing fire, then I don't know what will! I pray each of us will persevere with our writing through the weekend and next week.

P.S. Eileen, did you make your word count goal this week? How about you, Jill? (You knew I'd ask, didn't you?!)


  1. Consistent? Eeek.
    Last week I didn't make three thousand. I'm afraid to try again. LOL
    Let's go with two thousand and see if I can surpass it. Heehee. :-)

    Great idea for posts, Jody!

  2. Hi Jessica,
    2000 sounds feasible! I always like setting my goals lower, then when I surpass them, I feel like I'm really making progress!!! :)

  3. The accountability is such a huge thing. I know that I need it sometimes. :-)

    So for this weekend, I hope to make some significant progress on editing the novel. That will be an improvement since I haven't looked at it for three days!

  4. Hmmm, goal is to get my partial SUPER READY to send out to a really nice, respected agent. My heart is thumping wildly.

    And I need to get my full novel, Monarch, up on its novel blog for others to read and give feedback. My heart is thumping there too.

    That is such a great list! I need to print it out and put it on my desk. :)

  5. Thank's for the encouragement. I love the quotes! I progressed this week as planned and my weekend goals are BIG since my hubby is gone fishing ;)

  6. Hi, Jody:

    Once again I just met my goal. The girls are home for a PD day off school, so I won't write anymore today. The rest of the day is theres.

    So great to see so many of us meeting our goals. I do hope one day soon to blow myself away with going way over goal. But like everyone, our responsibilities are many, and God wants us to live in balance, and so I give thanks for the writing time He does provide.

    May you have a wonderful, fun, and productive weekend, Jody!



  7. Hi Jody,

    My writing goal is always the same: 10 pages a day every weekday. However, this week, I completely re-designed the MVRWA's website. Hopefully, our name servers will change this weekend and it will be up and running!

    I decided ahead of time that getting the site finished would be my priority this week.

    I did manage to write 13 pages, and it was 13 more than I thought!

    Thanks for keeping us on track!

  8. I'm going to up my count due to the fact that I have a free Saturday! (except for a bit of cleaning) I will say 2000 words. I would also like to start on a synopsis, but I don't know that I have the guts to do it. ;)

  9. What a motivating post. My goal is to revise two chapters by next Friday. I'm sorry to say, I'm blogging during the day too. Not supposed to but I've tried and it's an addiction.

  10. Jody, I think it's wonderful that you give all your writer and blogging friends the chance to tell their goals here, and then encourage them to follow through. Since I just finished writing the second book in my trilogy, my goal is in editing. I am going to read through manuscript number 1 before I get to number 2. I want to do extensive editing, write out a timeline so all three books are on the same page, and make some notes toward the third book. I think I'm going to set my goal at 50 pages on book 1. Have a blessed weekend!

  11. Hi Everyone,
    Sorry I have to do a group response! But I was gone all day today and am just now getting back to blogging! (My son was in the State Geography Bee--he didn't win, but we had a blast!)

    Melissa: I've got you down for editing your novel; I'll pray you find the energy and time.

    Lady Glamis: Hope you get some great polishing done this weekend; can I ask what really nice, respected agent you're sending your partial too?

    T.Anne: Did your hubby take all the kiddos fishing too? If so, you'll really get some writing done!

    Eileen: Congratulations on another week of meeting your goals!! You are really making great progress on this novel! Hope you enjoyed some time with your girls today!

    Jill: Wow! 10 pages a day is a huge accomplishment! You'll have to let me know approx. what word count that is so that I can put it into perspective! And what a gift (and blessing to your group) to be able to re-design a website!

    Sherrinda: 2000 sounds reasonable! I'll be rooting for you to get it done! I'm glad your weekend will be a little less busy than your last one!

    Gusty Writer: We'll check back with you next Friday about revising those two chapters!

    Cindy: Thanks for your encouraging words! You have set a lot of goals for the weekend, or are they for next week too?

  12. my goal for this weekend was to finish the chapter i just finished! so that's good! but now i have to set another goal. i think i need to spend some time on my crit partners' stuff. and possibly write about 1500 words or so into the next chapter. and i've got to revise a chapter sent back to me by my crit partner. so that's a lot! wish me luck!

  13. Hey Jody, I like the group blog. Concise, to the point, and you love on everybody at once! You are always so encouraging and I admire the time you spend to help others on the writing journey. God bless!

  14. Hi Jeannie,
    I think I'm starting to get jealous that you have such a great crit. partner relationship going! :) What a blessing! You'll have a lot to accomplish this weekend--but you seem to be a self-disciplined writer (you already met your goal!). Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Hi Sherrinda,
    I was thinking the same about you--how encouraging you always are! I hope you make great progress on your novel. Looks like your creeping toward the finish line! Are you almost finished? How much left to go?

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Jody. Very sound advice in this post and so true. I hope to become more dogged, increase my word count, and finish a draft this weekend.

  17. Hi Rebecca,
    Glad you stopped by too! On Monday's, I ask everyone if they met their weekend writing goals. And on Friday's I've been trying to ask the weekday writers if they've met their goals! It's been a great way for us to hold each other accountable. Knowing I have to report back to everyone has helped me to keep my fingers pounding the board!

  18. As you can see, you've really motivated me. I'm up to 7000 and I started last Tuesday. I'm hoping for 2,000 more if I can this weekend. If not, by Monday. I'd like to try to get a chapter a day in.
    Right now the ideas are coming but I know I'll hit the brick wall soon.

  19. Hi Terri,
    I'm amazed by your progress! We'll just keep thinking positively and know that God will keep providing the ideas for you! How exciting!
    We'll check with you Monday to see if you got 2,000 more done! What a blessing that the words are flowing, especially with all of the stress you've experienced lately.

  20. I may go for a week and not write a sentence. And then, in abour 2-3 days, the words come pouring on and I'll add 10-15K. Maybe this is bad but it's me.


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