A Faithful Friend

Confession Time! For those who set writing goals for the weekend, how'd you do?

Jessica did you write 2000 words? Melissa did you get some editing done on your novel? Lady Glamis is your partial ready to send to an agent and did you get Monarch to readers? T.Anne did you meet your BIG goals? Sherrinda did you get 2000 done on your WIP? Cindy did you edit 50 pages? Jeannie did you reach 1500 words and work on your crit. partner's work? Terri did you get 2,000 more done on your newest WIP?

I struggled this weekend to get my word count of 1500 done. And I didn't get three chapters revised. But I can honestly say I tried! My goal was just too high.

Who holds you accountable for your writing? Do you keep yourself on the path? Or do you have friends (even cyberspace ones) that help you stay on track?

In Pilgrim's Progress, Christian had a friend named Faithful that walked alongside him. Here's an excerpt: They faced many difficulties together but went lovingly on together and had sweet discourse of all the things that had happened to them on their pilgrimage.

In our writing journeys we all need a Faithful, a friend to come along side us and join us in our writing pilgrimage. We need someone or perhaps many friends to hold us accountable, to give us advice, to critique our writing, to keep us moving.

Often we writers tend to be introverts, hiding behind our computer screens. I have to admit, even though I'm not all introvert, I'm fairly independent and like to take the credit for climbing the mountain by myself.

We have a choice, though. We can stumble along alone and try to make it to the City of Publication on our own strength and ingenuity. Or we can find a Faithful to walk with us and share both the struggles and joys of this journey.

Do you have a Faithful? Who's walked alongside you and helped you most in your writing journey?


  1. Definitely my Crit group is my Faithful. They are an endless source of inspiration, help, and encouragement.

    I really wish I was also blessed with a local crit group to meet on a monthly basis with, but so far, that hasn't happened.

    Jody, thanks so much for being my "Accountability" Faithful. Your willingness to take this cyber stranger on with your logging of word counts is a real blessing as well! A Huge Thank You to You!

  2. My crit group is very helpful too. I also have a writer friend who I met through blogging. She and I share our work and pretty much boo-rah eachother every time we get wordage in. :-)
    I almost didn't make my goal, but last night due to my husband hogging the computer (sniff) I was forced to sit down and write. So I did make it! Yay! :-)
    It is tough to do sometimes. Trying to edit and write can be difficult. Maybe you'll get some revising done today?

  3. My husband and sister keep me somewhat accountable, but when push comes to shove I've got to motivate myself, which takes lots of pushing and shoving;-)

  4. Hi Eileen,
    I'm so glad that you count me as one of your cyber Faithfuls! Believe me, knowing I have to report back about my progress, has been a HUGE inspiration to me too!!

    I totally wish I had a local group too. However, I live in the middle of nowhere in the middle of Michigan. I think if I lived near the urban areas it would be different.

    I'm all the more thankful for the blog-o-sphere and getting to meet wonderful new friends like you!

    Hope you can get a good week of writing in!

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Congrats on meeting your word count this weekend! Do you write by hand in a notebook? I find it extremely hard to make my word count some days! Sometimes it's because I'm distracted, other times I have to do more research. Some days my brain just doesn't work as fast!!

    I'm hoping to squeeze in a little more revising tonight after the kids are in bed and after I get my word count for the day met! Thanks for asking!!

  6. Hi Rebecca,
    That's great that your husband and sister hold you accountable! But you're right, sometimes it just comes down to plain old dogged determination on our part.

    Don't you think some of it depends on our personality? I have the personality that thrives on having someone hold me to my work. I really hate having to report failure to others, so that keeps me motivated to keep my goals!

  7. Yes, I made my goal this weekend! Thanks for holding me accountable, Jody. I needed it. :-)

    I have a friend, Rene, who ironically enough, I have never met in real life. She lives in California, but we are both writers and keep in touch via IM and email. We've known each other for years now and talk every day about out writing. We bounce ideas off each other, work through plot problems, and celebrate each other's victories. It's a great friendship.

  8. Hi Melissa,
    I'm so glad you met your goal! What a blessing for you! :)

    That's so cool to have a writing friend you met through the cyber world, and even more that she has become such a great friend and help to you!

  9. I have many faithful friends, thank heavens. :D

    Yes, I got the manuscript out to readers, and invites sent to the novel blog. Two people have read it all already!

    But as far as the partial goes... I'm holding off for many reasons. One day. :D

  10. It's great to hear the goals of so many dedicated writers! Thanks, Jody, for keeping everyone on their toes.

    My goal was to get my local RWA's chapter website up and running so I can go back to MY OWN goals. Mission accomplished!

    I've pared down this week's goals due to Holy Week and a planned trip next weekend.

    I keep myself on track--sometimes a little too much--so I'm attempting to find a better balance in life.

    Good luck everyone!

  11. Jody, thanks for holding me accountable. I worked a little extra last night because I knew I had set a goal. My goal was for the entire week, so I still have until Friday. But I did get two chapters edited, which is nearly half of my goal, so yay!!! Thanks again.

  12. Hi Lady Glamis,
    I can't wait to take a look at your book too! I hope you're getting some good feedback. And as far as the partial, better to make sure you're ready than send it off and have regrets!

  13. Hi Jill,
    That's a great idea to pare down the goals for Holy Week. We're traveling too, and I'll have some time in the van to write and read. So I'm hoping to make up for lost time then! We'll see if that actually happens!

    I struggle with balance too. I'm thankful that God made me with a driven personality and that he understands me better than I do myself. But I know I tend to lean on myself more than Him.

    Glad you got the local RWA website done! Now back to writing! Have a great week!

  14. Hi Cindy,
    When I saw all your goals last Friday, I wondered how you'd get all that done over the weekend! I figured you must be working on them this week too. So, I guess we'll check with you later in the week to see how you did! Glad you've made good progress so far!

  15. I wrote pretty much nothing over the weekend, but hadn't planned to so that was okay.

    I do have a critique group, but they don't necessarily keep me accountable on things like word count goals and such, more like 'quality of my writing' things:-) It WOULD be nice at some point to find just that one person who you can be accountable with, can e-mail back and forth and cheer each other on.

    For now though, I just try to eek in as much writing as my schedule allows.

  16. Hi Jody,
    NO, I do NOT handwrite! LOL I actually am blessed to have a laptop. No internet, it's solely for writing. :-)

  17. Hi Krista,
    After reading your blog, I can totally understand why you didn't get writing done! I think you deserved a break on your birthday! Hope the rest of your weekend went better than Saturday!

    A critique group is definitely a blessing in many ways, but when you get into a bigger group it is hard to be more personal (at least that was my experience!).

    Hope you can get some writing done this week!

  18. Hi Jessica,
    Thank goodness! I know some people function better with notebook and pen, but I would NEVER meet my word count that way. I type so much faster than I write by hand. It drives me crazy to actually have to hand write letters or anything else now!

    What a great idea to have a lap top that doesn't have internet. No wonder you get so much done when you write! You don't have internet only a click away, tempting you! I may have to consider that. Yikes. Scary thought!

  19. Hello Jody! I did my my big goals lol! It helps to have peace and quiet now and again. I hope I can meet them for the week, the kids have spring break which usually ='s severe boredom. Off to entertain by the pool!

  20. Oooh! Hi T.Anne, Did you say pool? You are so lucky! Hope you have a great week--um, by the pool! :) And maybe you can squeak in a few words on the WIP and remember all of us people shivering in the frigid nether regions of the country!

  21. Hi Jody,
    Great thoughts! I have my critique partners who help me improve my wrting, but I don't really have have anyone to hold me accountable for word count or anything.

    So much of my time is wrapped up in mothering and homeschooling that writing tends to take a back burner, but if I had someone pushing me to meet a word-count goal it would probably help.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  22. Hi Avily,
    I have a really hard time squeezing my word count in every day! Mothering and homeschooling have to take priority, don't they?

    But it has helped me to know I need to report back on my goals to my cyber friends. It pushes me just a little bit more than maybe I would push myself!

    And ditto, thanks for dropping by!

  23. My faithful is fellow writer Katie, but we are new to each other through ACFW loop. But we spur each other on, call each other, encourage each other through email, crit one another's good stuff to find someone like that! God's all over it.

  24. Just finishing a 10 week online advanced memoir class with weekly critiques that has kept me busy.

  25. My writing group friends have been faithful journeyers and supporters for years. Now I have blogging pals to add, so I'm happy.

    Had a nice weekend at a writing conference with four of those real life women. :)

  26. Hi Jeannie,
    It really does sound like you and Katie have a wonderful partnership going! What a blessing!

  27. Hi Gutsy Writer,
    Sounds like you've had some great help over the past weeks! I just love those kind of critiques, don't you?

  28. Hi Angie,
    You're blessed to have the real life crit. group that you can meet with! Since I don't live near an urban area, I don't know of many writers who live close to me. It makes me more grateful for blogging and my great friends in cyber space! :)

  29. I have to agree with Jeannie. God is all over it. I've grown so much as a writer since we've become crit partners. :) I can't recommend finding a crit buddy enough!

  30. Hi Katie,
    Isn't it super cool when you can see God's hand in blessing you?! How exciting that you were able to find each other now and can continue to walk with each other (hopefully)through every step of the journey until publication! Wouldn't that be neat?


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