A Faithful Friend

Confession Time! For those who set writing goals for the weekend, how'd you do?

Jessica did you write 2000 words? Melissa did you get some editing done on your novel? Lady Glamis is your partial ready to send to an agent and did you get Monarch to readers? T.Anne did you meet your BIG goals? Sherrinda did you get 2000 done on your WIP? Cindy did you edit 50 pages? Jeannie did you reach 1500 words and work on your crit. partner's work? Terri did you get 2,000 more done on your newest WIP?

I struggled this weekend to get my word count of 1500 done. And I didn't get three chapters revised. But I can honestly say I tried! My goal was just too high.

Who holds you accountable for your writing? Do you keep yourself on the path? Or do you have friends (even cyberspace ones) that help you stay on track?

In Pilgrim's Progress, Christian had a friend named Faithful that walked alongside him. Here's an excerpt: They faced many difficulties together but went lovingly on together and had sweet discourse of all the things that had happened to them on their pilgrimage.

In our writing journeys we all need a Faithful, a friend to come along side us and join us in our writing pilgrimage. We need someone or perhaps many friends to hold us accountable, to give us advice, to critique our writing, to keep us moving.

Often we writers tend to be introverts, hiding behind our computer screens. I have to admit, even though I'm not all introvert, I'm fairly independent and like to take the credit for climbing the mountain by myself.

We have a choice, though. We can stumble along alone and try to make it to the City of Publication on our own strength and ingenuity. Or we can find a Faithful to walk with us and share both the struggles and joys of this journey.

Do you have a Faithful? Who's walked alongside you and helped you most in your writing journey?

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