Accountability time! How did you do this weekend with your writing goals?

Terri did you write 3000 words? Wendy did you make good progress with your chapter? Jamie did you find time for 5000 words? Cindy did you finish editing your second MS? Jeannie did you write the climax of your MS and get a good start on your Seekerville post? Kate did you finish your edit on your novel? Tess did you start plotting your new WIP? Jessica, how'd you do?

I had a hard time completing my goals. But I ignored the seventy degree weather (the first we've had since last October), I kept my fanny on the chair, and finished my word count. Let me tell you, it was not easy!

I'm nearing the climax of my novel. I have about five chapters to go until I'm done. My goal is to try to finish by the end of May. Since I write historical fiction, I often have to stop to research and that slows me down. But the end is finally in sight!

Do you ever start to feel impatient when you near the end of your manuscript? I do. I find myself skimming through scenes, slacking on research, and trying to hurry the story along so that I can finish. I'm like the runner who sees the finish line and starts to speed up and cut corners.

At what point(s) in your manuscript are you most impatient? Do you speed up and figure you can always edit? Or do you stay slow and steady?

I'm still trying to figure out how to approach the end without letting my impatience get the better of me! I would love to hear your thoughts and how you handle your impatience.


  1. Good morning Jody! I get impatient toward the end too - and usually have to do some major revisions the second time around. I liked your running anaology. I'm going to start posting my writing goals to you on your blog - I think it's a great idea. Happy Monday! :)

  2. Jody, I did not give you a goal, because I wasn't sure I could meet it...aannnnddddd I was right! Alas, I wrote only 200 words. I've got to buckle down and be strong like you! Passing up 70 weather, my goodness. ;)

  3. Hi Katie,
    Thank goodness I'm not alone in my impatience! I guess that's the good thing about edting and revising. We can add back in what we miss the first time!

    So, Katie, when do you write most, weekdays or weekends? I know you work as a teacher during the week and it must be really hard to find the energy and time on weekdays. (Especially with a baby!) Since I do a huge chunk of my writing on the weekend, it really helps me to keep going knowing I have to report back!

  4. Hi Sherrinda,
    At least the house was really quiet on Saturday! Everyone else was outside!! And, I hate posting a goal when I know I won't be able to meet it! But I think I've found the word count amounts that fit into my life at this point. It's not much compared to what others can accomplish, but at least it's something! So, your 200 is better than nothing!

  5. Hi Jody,

    Yes! I wrote a chapter this weekend. About impatience...for me it occurs during the editing stages. I think you asked about the favorite is the rough's my playground and I just have a blast no matter how the words/sentences are coming up. When it comes time to edit I sometimes see some of the scrapes and bruises that happened while hard at play. Thanks for the accountability. Great the way!

  6. Yes I met my goal! I am 40% done after three weeks of writing! This book is going faster than anyother. THis morning I planned out my next three chapters that I hope to write this week.
    I am working towards a huge middle climax that will direct the rest of the book and these chapters will take me there:))

  7. I get up insanely early and write on the weekdays. And usually get some more in after Brogan goes to bed at night. I usually have scene goals, intead of word count and try to get four scenes written per week. Life is busy!

  8. Impatience? What's that?

    Seriously, I don't think there is any specific point in writing that I'm impatient with. It's more like all of it!

    I force myself to slow and write as well as I can the first time. But, even then, there are major revisions. And I totally get the research part. If I'm deep into a scene, though, I make a special note to check to trigger my need for further study, but I plug on forward so as not to lose momentum. That just seems to work better for me.

  9. Hi Wendy,
    Glad you got your chapter written! I agree, editing is the hard part for me too. With this last book, I've tried to be careful about missing big chunks of things. That way, when I edit it won't need major surgery, just the minor scrapes and bruises you mentioned!

  10. I was terribly impatient at the end of my manuscript. I'm even more impatient now with editing it. I just want it to be done! :) It's hard to let a complete idea sit in your head without being able to share it with the world! Congrats on meeting your goals this weekend. It was beautiful out, I'm impressed you were able to ignore it :)

  11. Hi Terri,
    You amaze me with how quickly this book is flowing! But it's obvious God is blessing you for following his direction with the book. (And maybe a lot of hubby golf time doesn't hurt either, right?!) :)

  12. Hi again Katie,
    Then I'll make sure to ask you on Friday if you met wrote your four scenes this week! And I understand the writing-around-kids writing schedule!

  13. Hi Eileen,
    I really try to be slow and steady throughout the book, taking my time to get it right too, like you're doing. But now that I'm on the home stretch, I'm anxious to get done! I want to try to keep on track and not cut any corners! But it's hard!

    Sometimes I use the highlight function to mark little things I need to go back and research, but with major plot points, I usually have no choice but to stop and research what's coming next (like the next war, etc.). Good thing I like research! :)

  14. Hi Marybeth,
    As a fellow Michigander, you know exactly what I'm talking about with the weather! It's hard to resist those rare beautiful spring days. I guess my impatience to be done with my book was good enough motivation to keep my seat planted in the chair!

  15. Jody:
    Wow, I so admire your comittment to your writing goals, in spite of the weather! That's discipline!

    I am sort of keeping my goals, which are many, as I'm not just working on two books, but getting ready for a conference.

    I seem to get easily distracted by blogs, my husband, and eating and sleeping. If not for those, I'd be fine. Well, that was a lie! Discipline is a huge challenge to me! I have to grit my teeth and just force my booty onto the chair. Once i'm there, it's easier.
    Thanks for your delightful blog!

  16. Hi Jeanette,
    Blogs are so distracting!! On one hand they are a huge blessing, but on the other, they can become a time killer! I think that's where self-discipline is key too! And I certainly don't like that pesky little thing called "sleep" taking away from my writing time either!

    So which writing conference are you getting ready for and what are you doing to get ready?

  17. I'm impatient in the middle which means that something is wrong. I think I may have a sagging middle and I need to figure out what's wrong. I just want to rush through it and get to the "good" stuff at the end. Red flag alert! The "good" stuff should be the entire book!

  18. Hi Melissa,
    That's so true. If we're exeperiencing a "boring" part to write, then that should send up the red flag for sure! If it's boring for us to write, then it'll probably be boring to read, right?

  19. Yep, I finished editing my first manuscript. Sadly, I didn't get around to starting my second. Emergency editing on another manuscript...a long story.

    I'm in the first category of people you mentioned, those who get impatient (thought I prefer to call it excited) when I near the end of my manuscript. It usually starts about ten chapters before the end, however, when I'm about two-thirds of the way through the book. Suddenly I am so in the action and so driven to finish getting the characters through the story that I will ignore detail and just keep writing. I like to keep the momentum going. Of course then when I go back and edit, I have to put in all the stuff I left out :)

  20. Hi Cindy,
    I do remember how quickly you finished your last book. You really work fast when you near the end! Unbelievably fast!! But you're right about keeping up the momentum. We can always go back and add the details we miss. But it's hard to pick up momentum again.

    Glad you finished your edits on your first book. Now I'm curious about what's going on with your other MS. Maybe you could share it in your next blog post!

  21. Hmmm, I didn't set goals but I think I did okay.
    Impatience? Well, I always rush through the beginning but towards the end I slow down, almost like I'm scared to finish. :-)
    Congrats on being so close! That's awesome.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    So you're the opposite of me! I get so anxious to be done that I rush!! Glad you did okay this weekend even without specific goals! Hope you make good progress this week too!

  23. I was an impatient beast all last week; I wanted to write but couldn't. I get impatient putting my writing behind my family sometimes. No, I'm not proud of that attitude--just another thing to pray about!

    When I'm writing, I sometimes want to get the less exciting scenes over with, but for the most part, I'm just happy to be in my seat tippity-tappity-ing on the computer.

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  24. Gosh, I'm feeling excited about my new WIp. I'm 30K into it and just now the action feels like it's getting pumping. I can't wait to be into that great place you're in, I love when all the pieces connect and fall into place! God Bless!

  25. Hi Jill,
    I totally understand that impatient beast attitude! I get that way with my family sometimes too! I'm torn with wanting to write but knowing I need to be spending time with them. I just keep telling them, only another month and I'll be done with the writing of this book. Then I'll have a little more time for other things!

  26. Hi T.Anne,
    That's great that you're making such good progress! Maybe you'll be close to the end sooner than you think!

  27. Hi Jody! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    My impatience comes when I'm nearing the middle, and doubting whether any of what I've written makes sense. It's too easy to toss it all away, and start something else. I've learned to ignore that little voice. So I plow through, hoping that when I get near the end, I'll still like the story and it will make sense and maybe, someone else will like it too.

    Best wishes to you in the Genesis and TBL too!

  28. Hi Patricia,
    I think it's so easy to start doubting ourselves about half way through! I think I doubt myself even at the end! But like you said, we just need to keep plowing ahead and keep improving!

  29. the only time i feel impatient is when i can't write. as in, something is preventing me from writing. as in, my husband commandeers the computer.

    BUT NO MORE!! i'm getting my own macbook in the mail is good. no more excuses, though!

  30. durn it. I knew you were going to ask! :) LOL
    Well, I have an excuse, but I firmly believe it is a good one :)
    I wrote 1,000 words and then spent the rest of time doing some much needed research to add depth to my next scene. Does that count??? :)

  31. I did not meet my goal at all! I got slowed down by having to rewrite almost a whole chapter, and then after I got that done I did make it through two more chapters. I have less than 100 pages to go though, so slowly, but surely I am getting through!

  32. Jeannie you will definitely have NO more excuses! How fun and exciting to be getting a new laptop! I've just loved having a lap top! I can carry it from room to room and keep writing or blogging or whatever no matter where I am! Let us know how it goes!

  33. Hi Jamie,
    YES! I'll accept that excuse! (Boy, do I sound like a high school teacher here or what?!?)

    Seriously, I totally understand since I have to stop to do research too! I've always struggled with how to find the balance between meeting word count goals and giving myself grace to stop and research. It's so hard, especially in the early parts of the book.

    Great job getting the 1000 done! That's still a lot (almost what I did!).

  34. Hi Kate,
    The important thing is that you got something done, right? Sounds like you really worked hard!

  35. I'm impatient right now!!! Around the middle. Then once I get near the end, I love finding ways to wrap everything up. :)

  36. Hi Jennifer,
    I have to tell you again how much I just love your new profile picture! And I just find it amazing how different writers are in how they approach their writing! I find endings difficult to wrap up in a believable way, so maybe that's why I like to fly through them!

  37. I get very impatient near the end and usually end up skipping vital stuff I have to add in later. Oh well, at least I finish. And I can always add in more layers later. That's the whole point.

    Congrats on your progress! Keep going and keep us posted.

  38. I'm afraid that my plotting was a victim to the sunny weather as well. When spring comes, it is just too difficult to stay inside....yet another laptop argument :)

    NO WAY! My verification word is 'ousta' I was ousta-side instead of in the office.

  39. Hi Tess,
    I think it's easier to take a break from writing when you're in the plotting stages! It's hard to put a number on plotting! So I don't blame you for enjoying the weather! I guess even the blog is confirming your decision!! :)

  40. Hi Lady Glamis,
    I think your comments have given me all the justification I need to finish this novel and not worry about what I'm missing! So thank you! I can always go back and layer a little more if I miss anything!


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