Friday Flame

It's confession time! Did you meet your writing goals for the week?

For those of you full time weekday writers, did you make your word count (Jill, others)? Eileen sent me a note yesterday that she made her 5000 words this week! Great job finishing early, Eileen!

And for those of us who try to cram extra writing into the weekend, what are your weekend goals? Tell us in the comments, then on Monday we'll hold you accountable! (My weekend goal is to write 1500 words and edit one chapter.)

If you're like me, I do a whole lot better when I know I have to report my progress back to others! It sparks a flame inside that keeps me moving!

Here are a few words of encouragement from Bickman's
38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes:
  • You CAN sell without an agent.

  • Publishers ARE looking for new writers.

  • Beginners DO break in every year.

  • Your next story WILL be better.

  • Your luck is NOT worse than most.

  • Persistence WILL win out.

  • The struggle IS worth making.

  • You DO have enough talent.

  • Anything you still need to know CAN be learned.

  • Tomorrow WILL look brighter.

Recite the above truths to yourself this weekend. And remember: He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion. Phillippians 1:6


  1. I love these statements! We ought to print them off and recite them everyday!
    And yes I am making my writing gooals! Actually exceeding them. I hope to get 3000 words done this weekend (if my husband goes to play golf!) Thanks Jody!

  2. Despite preparing for my trip and being a bit antsy, I did manage to write this week, not a lot, but some. Who knows, maybe on my long trip I'll do some editing.

    I love that encouragement list.

  3. Excellent encouragement! Needed it.
    My weekend writing goal would be to write one more chapter of the non-fiction book I'm working on. Thanks for the accountability.
    ~ Wendy

  4. Hi Terri,
    Wow! You are making great progress! This new story is really flowing well for you. We'll pray for no rain so your husband can get his golfing in!

  5. Hi Rebecca,
    I did manage to get a lot of writing and editing done on my last van ride over Easter. While the kids were occupied with their movies I had plenty of time on the lap top! Maybe you'll get some good writing time during your twelve hour ride!

  6. Hi Wendy,
    I'll check with you on Monday to see how you did with your chapter! I'm curious to know what your non-fiction is about!

  7. Great encouraging list, Jody. No, I didn't do as well as I wanted but maybe this weekend will be better. :-)
    Congrats to Eileen. That's awesome.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    Sorry you didn't make as much progress as you wanted. I hope you'll find some time this weekend to get some good writing in. Are you shooting for 2000 again?

  9. Hey!
    I'm shooting for 5,000 words this weekend. Now if time will allow me to plant my backside somewhere an actually accomplish this ... lol!! I have it in my head, just need the time to pound that keyboard!

  10. Thanks for the encouragement! I made some excellent progress in editing this week. I am almost finished with manuscript number one and hopefully this weekend I can move onto number two. I might even try to write some on number three because I really want to start the final book of the trilogy.

  11. my goal is to start writing the "final battle" portion of my matter how much/little i write (its the climax!). i also want to get starting writing on my post for seekerville. i don't want that to sneak up on me. :) so no word count this weekend...just goals.

  12. Hi Jamie,
    I'll pray that you can find the time (and discipline!) to get the 5000 done!

  13. Hi Cindy,
    Glad you're making great progress with the editing of book one! I hope you'll find time this weekend for finishing it and starting number two. After having a couple weeks off of writing, I bet you're getting really ready to start the next!

  14. Wow! You ladies are inspiring! Oh, Jody, I'm shaking my head with a grin on my face. I did ZERO writing this week (except for next week's blog drafts)! However, we spent an extended Easter weekend with my sister and her family.

    Then, yesterday, I was up toward your neck of the woods. My grandma had a stroke over the weekend so I drove up to Owosso to see her. The whole time I was driving, I thought, "I could drive a little bit north and meet Jody for coffee..." Ha! Ha! Life never works that way does it? (Grandma is making wonderful progress and it was great to see her.)

    Thanks for keeping us on our toes. Next week I'm going to be SO on my writing goals!
    Have a great weekend!

  15. Hi Jeannie,
    I love writing the climax! I'm getting close to mine in my book! It's such a challenging but satisfying part to write. I find myself really needing to focus and draw the threads together in a way that is truly believable and seamless. I hope you make good progress on it! And with that Seekerville post! How exciting!! We'll definitely be cheering you for that!

  16. Hi Jill,
    I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandma. Sounds like a busy week and stressful too. I think we all have to remember to have a little extra grace toward ourselves during those company times and those unexpected family emergencies. It's hard for me to give myself permission to stop or even slow down! I bet we're very similar! But you are self-disciplined and won't let it slow you down permanently!

    And, yes, sometime we will have to meet for coffee! That would be really fun! I feel so out in the middle of no where compared to the big city writers! I would love a little connection now and then!

  17. This past week I didn't set any goals, just let my writing take me where it wanted me to go. Did book revisions, wrote a bunch of words for a short story contest and started a new short story. Reading lots of writing blogs and books this week too.

  18. Hi Donna,
    You made great progress without having any specific goals! Great job! Sounds like letting your writing take you where it wanted worked for you!

  19. Love the uplifting statements!

    My goal for this weekend is to finish the first edit on my novel. I am determined.

  20. Hi Kate,
    Now that you're settling into your new home, maybe you'll have more time this weekend? Hopefully!

  21. What great, uplifting stuff going on over here - love it :)

    My goals for this weekend include plotting on my new WIP - working out the details of what actually happens (that's the hardest part for me) and *hopefully* a nap.

  22. I met my goals, but I wish I could go futher than that. Oh, well. Not enough time in the day.

    Lynnette Labelle

  23. Absolutely wonderful post! Thank you for that last part!

    My goal for the weekend? To catch up on blogs and NOT write anything. How's that?

    Seriously, I need a break from my WIP. I'm getting feedback and I'm so overwhelmed. Taking a step back is sometimes the thing to do. It has worked before...

  24. Hi Tess,
    I hope you're able to make headway on your next WIP. Even though it's hard to start plotting, don't you think it's fun to think of all the possibilities?! I'm sure starting on your new WIP will help take your mind off your other MS that's with the agents--even if only for a little while!

  25. Hi Lynette,
    Glad you accomplished your goals for the week! I'm still lagging behind for my Friday goal! So I'll have to do some work tonight instead of relaxing! Some days I wish for more time too!

  26. Lady Glamis,
    You deserve a HUGE break!! You've really been working hard lately and I think some time away from a MS to breathe is always a good thing! So I hope you enjoy your weekend to relax away from your book! Then when you come back to it hopefully you'll be renewed.

  27. I love the verse at the end - so true!

    I hope to get a lot edited this weekend!

  28. Hi Melissa,
    Sounds great! Hope you get a lot done too!

  29. Amen to that verse, Jody! Thanks for the encouragement!

  30. Hi Eileen,
    Welcome Home! Hope you had a wonderful conference this weekend! Back to work tomorrow! But I hope you can return refreshed and renewed!


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