When Christian started his journey to the Celestial City he carried an enormous burden on his back.

As Pilgrim writers we too carry burdens. One of the biggest is GUILT:

· Guilt for not spending time with family in order to have writing time. (Plotting my next chapter when my family is outside playing on a beautiful spring evening).

· Guilt for wanting to stay in the world of imagination instead of having to face reality. (Not wanting to wake up the kids for school because I’m in the middle of a scene that’s flowing).

· Guilt for rushing through other responsibilities or leaving them undone to squeeze in a little more writing. (Making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches again because I forgot to leave enough time to make something more interesting).

To avoid the guilt from all of the above, I’ve found myself staying up later or getting up earlier. But then I’m tired and grumpy with everyone the next day, which makes me feel guilty all over again!

What guilt burdens do you carry?

How do we cut the heavy weight of guilt off our backs? Can we find a way to travel the path without such burdens slowing us down?

Come back tomorrow to find out.


  1. Boy did you hit a spot! At this moment I feel guilty for reading blogs while my kiddos run around playing in a dark house. LOL
    THere is a lot of guilt. I try to do what you said, and find time where my writing doesn't interfere with family, etc. It can be tough though. :-)

  2. Hi Jessica,
    My blog today comes on the heels of a lot of guilt during the past couple of weeks when I spent extra time getting my Genesis contest entries ready! I totally agree. . .this is really tough!


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