Difficult Climb Ahead

I just finished sending in my second Genesis Contest entry. What a great feeling to have the work done before the deadline.

After several weeks of focusing on my entries, polishing and revising and polishing again, I feel a little lost. I've parted ways with two important pieces of my life.

However, my WIP (work in progress) sits before me, neglected these past couple of weeks. It stares at me with lonely eyes, wondering when I'll give it the attention it craves.

I'd like to turn away from it because I know I will need to put forth a great amount of energy and effort to get back into the story. Suddenly all of my other writing projects look easier.

In Pilgrim's Progress, Christian came to the bottom of a hill called Difficulty. He was tempted to take the easy way around the hill. But he went to the spring, drank to refresh himself, then began to go up saying:

The hill, though high, I covet to ascend,
The difficulty will not me offend;
For I perceive the way to life lies here.
Come, pluck up heart, let's neither faint nor fear,
Better, now difficult, the right way to go,
Then wrong, though easy, where the end is woe.

Sometimes the best way to get something done is to put your head down, grit your teeth, and put one foot in front of the other.

Today I'll choose the difficult, but right way to go. I'll begin work again on my WIP.

What about you? Do you have a difficult climb too?


  1. This is just too appropriate for the position in which I find myself. I finished blogging this morning about my writing challenges and having to, as you said, grit my teeth and put one foot in front of the other. Sometimes the most rewarding accomplishments are the ones made through the most hard work and sweat. It's a comfort to know that I'm not alone.

  2. Hi Cindy,

    It's so much easier for me to work on my book when I keep the momentum going. When I stop for any length whether a couple of days (in this case a couple of weeks), it's hard to get my motivation back.

    I suppose that's why it's good to keep on writing a little bit on my WIP every day even if its only a few sentences. Maybe I'll have to set word count goals for those busy times, but just make the word count lower!

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  4. Hi Indra,

    Thanks for stopping by! It's amamzing that we can connect even though we are halfway around the world from each other!


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