More Inspiration

Yes, you really are hearing music!

I love going to fellow writer Donna Kohlstrom's blog and hearing her snappy Playlist tunes. I thought I'd copy her and give it a try.

I added a few of the songs I listen to on Pandora, the ones that give me inspiration when I write.

But I want to take a vote. Do you give it a thumbs up or thumbs down? Does it drive you nuts to click onto my blog and hear music or do you like the special touch? Is it inspiration or irritation? Please leave your vote in the comments.

Since I'm not sure yet if I'm going to arrange a marriage for my Playlist and my blog, your vote could sway me!

O.K. Now down to business. Did you meet your weekend writing goals?

Donna did you revise your chapters and complete one short story? Jessica did you write 2000 words? Angie did you edit 3 poems, edit your friend's weekly column, and get 3 chapters revised? Susan did you getting your blogging done? Sherrinda did you write 800 words? Lady Glamis did you finish your chapter? Eileen you're off the hook until Friday!

What about the rest of you who didn't leave comments? Did you meet your goals?

I'm happy to say I met mine. I wrote 1500 words. Knowing I had to report back to everyone kept me going. Sometimes a little accountability is all it takes. So thanks!

As writers struggling along the path, accountability is a wonderful gift we can give one another.

Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Hebrews 10:24


  1. Awww...I am sad to report that I did NOT reach my goal. I only got 250 words. It is better than nothing, but I did have an excellent excuse. My daughter, age 16, came in several times and laid on my bed just wanting to talk. Of course, I dropped everything, laid by her, and chatted away. I love that she still likes me and wants to share with me! It was so worth the lack of word count.

    As for the music, I tend to mute the music when I find a blog that has it. For me, a person who needs the quiet to concentrate, I find it distracting. But you do what you love! I have the mute button handy. :)

  2. Of course I love the music! And Jim Brickman is one of my favorites! I think you should keep it and if a vistor doesn't want to listen they can always hit "mute"! Can't please all the people all the time so do what makes you happy!

    I did come close to meeting my goals, but must admit, I'm falling behind. I pray this week I'll do better! Two short stories ready to publish and several more chapter revisions.

    Congrats on your writing accomplishments this past week!

  3. Hi Sherrinda,

    You have an awesome excuse! What precious time with your daughter and that is really cool that she still trusts you and wants to talk to you. I think you were totally right not to give that up!

    Thank you for your NICE veto! :) You're so sweet! As I mentioned, I'm not sure if I will keep it yet. Still ruminating.

  4. Jody, thanks to you I got over 3000 words done starting Friday. Last night I really didn't want to write and then I was like, I've been challenged. Groan. You know, I'm a competitive person. LOL So thank you!
    As for the music, I don't keep my speakers on so I never even knew Donna had music.
    Do what you want! :-)

  5. Hi Donna,

    I knew I'd get a thumbs up from you! Thanks again for your help getting it set up.

    Sounds like you got close with your goals this weekend! But as you mentioned in your blog for today, sometimes things just come up and we can't do all we want!

  6. Hi Jessica,

    WOW!! You made awesome progress! I noticed your sidebar on your blog creeping up this weekend. But 3000 words? Great job!

    I totally thrive with competition too! Last night I HAD to finish my word count even though I felt like I was a typing zombie!

  7. Since I'm off the hook until Friday, I'll just comment on the tunes. I can take or leave blog tunes. If I like, I leave it play, if I don't I stop it or turn my tuning right down. I can read blogs with music, I just can't write with it.

    I've been thinking of adding the option to my own blog ever since discovering Ann Voskamps blog. I absolutely adore her music choice. Just haven't figured out how to get it on my blog as an option yet.

  8. Okay, call me a copycat. I hope you don't mind, but since your blog music had a place to click to create your own, which I've never come across before, I did. And added what I love to hear on Ann's blog. Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Lol, Jody, I am going to come to your blog while I am writing so I can listen to your pretty music. I love Jim Brickman. I wrote a violin accompaniment to his 'O Holy Night version to play at church for Christmas. So inspirational and kind of hauntingly beautiful. Writing went soooo well over the weekend. I am hoping and hoping I will finish my book this week or next. Probably less than 80 pages to go! Good job on your progress as well! Sorry, I had to write a long post so I could finish listening to the song.

  10. Hi Eileen,

    I copied Donna! So I'm glad you copied me (so that I'm not the only copycat). Now I'll have to hop over to your blog to listen to your tunes. :)

    Hope you had a great week with your family! Now it's time to get back to work, right? We'll be waiting to hear if you meet your week's writing goal!

  11. Hi Cindy,

    I'm happy to hear you had such a great writing weekend! 80 pages in a week! Wow! Let us know how that goes. We'll be rooting for you to get it done!

    That's amazing that you wrote an accompaniment for a Brickman piece. God's blessed you with the ability to do two kinds of writing: novels and music. How cool is that?

  12. I absolutely need music to inspire me! I can't have it on when I write though, but you know what I haven't tried it either. Maybe it's time?

    Yes I met my weekend writing goals! Yay! I finished yet another edit and begin heavily outlining my WIP. Thanks for asking!

  13. Hi T. Anne,

    BTW, I love your "real" name (saw your comment on Jessica's blog last week). It's beautiful and unique. I think it would look great on a book!

    Glad you accomplished your weekend writing goals. Feels good doesn't it?! I usually have my Pandora station on when I write (blocks out a lot of the household noise).

  14. I just discovered Pandora a few weeks ago and love it! I can't hear the music from your blog though, because my desktop is currently w/out sound.

    As for writing goals, I definitely did NOT meet mine for the past weekend, but I had a good excuse - friends came unexpectedly to visit from out of town.

  15. Yep, I finished my chapter and I'm very happy with it!

    Sorry, but I hate music on blogs. I HATE it. I listen to music already. And the worst thing is to click on a blog and have somebody's else's tastes and moods interject with my own. My opinion - just post a list of the music you like, and if I'm interested, I'll check it out. ;)

    As always, that's just my opinion. You asked for it, LOL!

    But hey, it's YOUR blog! You do what you like!

    Thanks for a great post and checking up on my progress. You are awesome. :)

  16. I do have to say, though... I like the music you have on here. It is very nice. :)

  17. Hi Jody! Your music is beautiful, however being that I read blogs at my office, it can be distracting for my admin. assistant! Lol - she likes QUIET! (I suppose I could wear headphones)

    I did NOT meet my writing goal. I set it way high. Last week I hammered out 5000 words so set that as my goal this week. So yesterday I curled up on the couch, plopped my laptop on my lap, and blogged and Facebooked for 3 hours while I tried to gain motivation to write 5000. I think I got 2 words out! Oh, my. Sadness lol

  18. Hi Lady Glamis,

    I had to laugh at the honesty of your opinion. I love it! You might sway me. . .I'm not completely sold on it either! I keep having to listen to the same three songs every time I turn on my blog which is starting to irritate me!

    Glad you made progress on your chapter! That's awesome!

  19. Hi Kate,

    Thanks for stopping by!

    I just love Pandora. I've found some great medieval sounding songs that make me feel like I'm right in my WIP which is set in the middle ages!

    And unexpected company is definitely a good excuse! Relationships come first, right?

  20. Hi Jaime,

    So thumbs down on the music, eh? I wouldn't want to be the cause of you losing your job! LOL

    Should we ask you on Friday if you met your 5000 for the week? If you knew you had to confess before all of us, you might be less tempted to write 2 words! :)

  21. Jody, I'm for whatever pleases the heart of the blog owner as far as music is concerned. If readers don't like it, it's no biggie to hit mute. :)

    On my weekend goals, I got the poems fiddled with and the columns edited, but I did NOT get to the chapter revisions. Ah well.

  22. Angie, I'm sure you had other things occupying your mind with your friend in the hospital. Sometimes the unexpected happens and you were busy doing the important thing!

  23. Hi, Jody,

    thanks for stopping by my blog. You're right, we DO have a lot in common, and not just blog names. :)

  24. Hi again Erica,
    Glad you popped over to visit!

  25. jody...hi, fellow ACFWer here! i happen to really like the music, esp. since it's instrumental. it doesn't take any brave waves to listen to music with no words. Just my vote!


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