12 and a half More Things

Today's things have to do with writing and the picture is of my "office" (a.k.a. the dining room table):

12 and a half. I'm over half done with my WIP (check side bar to keep me accountable).

13. I won two short story writing contests in my youthful days to a magazine no longer in print.

14. I started "serious" writing after hearing a radio interview with Lori Wick about her journey into writing.

15. I wrote and sent out at least five category inspirational romances (in the early days of my writing).

16. I garnered more rejections than I remember!

17. I finally got a real live call from Patience Smith of Steeple Hill (long ago!); she liked my book but couldn't sell it to her editor.

18. God took me off the writing path for an extended rest, education, and growing time.

19. I'm back on the path, but now writing historical fiction.

20. I've completed one novel and am half done with a second.

21. I recently submitted two historical romance entries to the Genesis Contest through ACFW.

22. I was in a critique group through ACFW for only one week before backing out of it.

23. I also love writing children's stories and devotions.

24. Keys for Kids has published several of my stories.

25. I hope to bring honor to my Lord Jesus and serve Him through all my writing.

Thanks for letting me introduce myself. Now who's next? :)


  1. Hey, Jody:

    Referring to 17. I'd resend now that new editors are in there. You might find the new editor will like it enough to snap it up. Well worth the effort!

    Great list. Very impressive!

  2. Hi Eileen,

    I've been so focused on my historicals, I haven't given my previous MS's any consideration except to think of them as part of the climb upward. They strengthened my writing muscles and got me to the level I'm at today.

    Maybe I will have to dig through my files, though, and dust them off! I'm a little scared at what I might find.

  3. I've enjoyed visiting your site and love your pic of your writing progress.

    I must admit that I've not read many historical romances. I need to get out of my comfort zone and try one on. What do you suggest for a first one?

  4. Oh, I like how you split your list in half with writing information on the tail end. I realize I put a lot of stuff about my writing in my list of 25 so it was smart to do it the way you did it. I think the one genre I'm most terrified of writing is historical fiction so I admire people who do so. Nice post!

  5. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for your email and for stopping by! I've been thinking about your carrot cake recipe all morning!

    There are so many good historicals its hard to know where to start! I love Lynn Austin's Gods and Kings series (although I wouldn't necessarily categorize them as historical romance). I loved Deeanne Gist's A Bride Most Begrudging. I recently read Siri Mitchell's Constant Heart which was excellent.

    I could go on, and on, and on! But I won't overwhelm you!

  6. Hi Cindy,

    You were one of the writers who I'm copying with the list of 25 things! So thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Oooh, I loved hearing more about you! Thank you for sharing that was a great post! Now I want to know more about your historical fiction!

  8. Hi T. Anne,

    Thanks for always being so encouraging! Now I want to hear more about everyone else! It's fun to see what goes on behind the blog, right?

  9. Yay for historicals! I write historicals as well, and when I read for fun, historicals are what I buy.

  10. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm crazy about historicals. I'm the same way, if you set me loose in a bookstore with cash, I head straight for the historicals.

  11. I love your list! May I asked why you backed out of the critique group? I think I would too....I've only let my husband and my dad (who is an author) read the first few chapters of my WIP, so a critique group would just make me so nervous. I know I need it, but don't have the nerve yet.


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