This Pilgrim

I've been writing since I could hold a pencil and pad of paper. . . which writer hasn't? But serious writing? That didn't start for me until after college when I realized I didn't like the degree I'd spent thousands of dollars on.

So after I got home from the job I didn't like, I spent my free time writing (and it really was free back before kids). I completed no less than five novels, sent them out, and garnered plenty of rejections.

Then I got the call. An editor was interested. Could I make changes? Definitely. I tried, really tried to polish up the book. But, no amount of editing could sell it. God had different plans. He pulled me off the writing path, put me in the den, and closed the door.

In hindsight I understand God wanted me to mature, educate myself, experience life--all of those wonderful things that happen with parenthood. He was enriching me, deepening my reservoir, readying me for the journey.

After ten years, God is opening the door and pushing me out of my little den. He's set my feet on the writing path again.

With trepidation and excitement I wait to see where He leads. . .


  1. How exciting! Right now I'm in the waiting process and I was doing okay with it up until today. Oh, I'll probably be fine tomorrow, but right now the waiting is hard! Every part of writing is hard! But I know the reward will shadow everything else!

  2. Even though God is giving me the opportunity to write after my long period off the path, I'm still struggling to know how much he really wants me to be writing!

    I agree, everything about this journey is hard (even handling my motivations and my drive to succeed).

    God Bless,


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