John Bunyan wrote Pilgrim's Progress in 1672. Amazingly he penned this classic during a twelve year incarceration in a small, damp prison. He wasn't a murderer or thief. His only crime was his preaching. As a poor, uneducated tinker, he sought religious freedom during a time of great intolerance by the Church of England. He attempted to share the Gospel and refused to give up his calling even when threatened with banishment and prison.

John Bunyan persevered. He stuck to the path God had placed him on. He didn't veer off when hardships came. He continued preaching and writing against incredible adversity.

Christian, the main character in Pilgrim's Progress, mirrors Bunyan's personal journey. Christian presses on against numerous trials, temptations, and obstacles until he finally reaches his goal: the Celestial City.

The lives of John Bunyan and Christian are an inspiration to me as a writer. Often I expect the writing road to be smooth and easy. I want to make it to the City of Publication right away, forgoing the hard work and the difficulties, passing by the steep uphill climb.

I pray for God's grace and wisdom to keep me on the hard path. John Bunyan said: If you can hear and bear the rod of affliction which God shall lay upon you, remember this lesson. You are beaten that you may be better.

Fellow Pilgrims, what troubles have you faced in your writing journey that have made you better?


  1. Hi Jodi,
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  2. Thank you Rita! I will head over right now to check out both websites. I'm still building My Favorite Blogs base and always looking for new sources of encouragement and advice! Your Inspire is already on my list!

    God Bless,
    Jody Hedlund


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