New Book Release: February 2024


Today is a BIG day! It’s another book release day. But not just any book release. It’s the release of Finally His Bride, the first book in Bride Ships: New Voyages which is a spin-off series of my previous fan-favorite Bride Ships series.


Similar to the first series, the new books involve brides sailing from England to Vancouver Island for the purpose of finding employment and husbands. Why did these women leave their homes for an unknown land? Why not just marry men in England?


Part of that had to do with the fact that by the early 1860s, there were 600,000 more women than men living in England. The opposite problem existed in English colonies where men outnumbered women. An 1861 census of Vancouver Island and British Columbia revealed that females comprised only 11 percent of the total population, which meant that men outnumbered women approximately 10 to 1. Thus to many, it seemed only reasonable to begin sending England’s surplus of marriageable women to the colonies to provide wives for the many men who wanted them.

If you haven’t read the previous books in my series (A Reluctant Bride, The Runaway Bride, A Bride of Convenience, and Almost a Bride), I invite you to read those as well. However, your enjoyment of this new series, Bride Ships: New Voyages, doesn’t in any way hinge upon the previous books. Rest assured, this new series involves a brand-new cast of characters and explores their reasons for joining the bride ships.


As always, this book is full of my trademark sizzling romance! Here’s what a few early readers are saying about this romance:


“As is characteristic for Jody Hedlund, she once again pens a fantastic romance novel full of clean but sizzling passion without sacrificing great character development and interesting history.”


“Long-awaited, much anticipated… this book was everything I hoped it would be and more. It was everything I loved about the original series- interesting characters, lovely chemistry, and so much more- with brand new faces and stories waiting to be told.”


“The romantic scenes in this book were so good, especially since the tension had been building for such a long time.”


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