New Book Release: August 2020

ALMOST A BRIDE, the fourth and final book in my bride-ship series, is now available!
I’ve loved hearing what early readers are saying about the series:

“I am sad to see the series come to an end, because I’ve enjoyed them all so much. Almost a Bride is no exception.” ~Alyssa

“I have to admit the arrival of this final book in the Bride Ship Series was bittersweet for me. Jody Hedlund has done a fabulous job telling stories of young woman leaving England to find a new life but I wasn’t ready for these stories to end.” ~Jennifer

“When I end a book in tears, I know it's a good one! I've read all the Bride Ship series, and Almost a Bride was just as engaging as the first three.” ~Kate

After the many, MANY hours of work I put into crafting, writing, and editing the book, I’m happy (and relieved!) to know that readers are breathing a satisfying sigh when they close the last page of the last book.

Thank you to everyone who has gone on the bride-ship journey with me over the past year! It’s been a delight to share this voyage into the past with so many awesome readers!

If you haven’t yet read the previous books in the series, A RELUCTANT BRIDE, THE RUNAWAY BRIDE, or A BRIDE OF CONVENIENCE, what are you waiting for?!? ;-)

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