New Book Release: September 2019

FOREMOST, the second full length novel in my new medieval YA Lost Princesses series is hitting shelves!

For those of you worried about a second-book-slump—the point in a series where you hit the doldrums and have to force yourself to keep going—well, let me put your mind at ease. Reviews are rolling in and readers are declaring that the second book is exceeding expectations!

One reader said: "Okay so wow. I wasn't sure if I would like this one as much as the first. I mean how could I? I loved the first. I thought this would be the slow story of the series that I would have to suffer through. I readily admit it. I WAS WRONG. I loved this book a bajillion times more than the first."

Another reader said: "Wow! Jody Hedlund has outdone herself with this one! Each book in this series just keeps getting better and better."

Here’s one more review: "I didn't think you could top the first two books and yet you DID. I stayed up late to read the whole book in one sitting! I couldn't put it down and I was squealing with excitement by the end!"

When an author hears praise for a second book in a series, let me tell you, she releases a huge sigh of relief. That middle book is always the toughest because an author faces the danger of slowing down the momentum of the larger series’ plot, leaving too much dangling, or veering off on tangents.

The other thing that’s tough is being able to write a complete love story in and of itself while also moving the series forward to its conclusion. Yes, each book in the series is interconnected to a larger plot, but each is also an independent love story that finds resolution by the end of each book.

Finally, the second (and third) book are more challenging, because a writer has to continue to relay backstory (history, family genealogy, etc.) as a memory refresher and just in case a reader doesn’t start with the first book. For some readers, that information simply becomes repetitious.

Whatever the case, I’m relieved to know that readers are enjoying FOREMOST as much or more than the previous books! To find out more about FOREMOST head over to the website page here:

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