New Book Release: August 2019

I'm thrilled to announce the arrival of a brand new medieval YA series, The Lost Princesses!

To kick off the series, you won't want to miss ALWAYS, a prequel novella, that sets the stage for the three full length novels that follow (and are releasing this fall 2019).

I can already hear some of you saying that you don't like novellas, that they're too short and the stories always feel incomplete or rushed. Yes, it IS challenging for authors to fit a full and fulfilling story into a shorter novel. But I hope you won't miss out on this novella because it provides important backstory for the books to come.

As one reviewer said:  "This story may be short, but it packs an impressive punch! Jody Hedlund has woven a dynamic story with endearing characters that will have you holding your breath and rapidly turning pages for more!"
I can also hear some of you saying that you don't like YA (Young Adult) novels, that they're not deep enough or have immature characters. Yes, often YA characters are a bit younger, the action is a bit more intense, and the romance a bit sweeter. But I've had non-teen readers telling me that they've loved the series just as much as my adult books.

As another reviewer said: "I am a longtime fan of Author Jody Hedlund, and I can’t believe I had never read one of the books in her Young Adult genre. I realize after enjoying Always I have been missing some excellent reading."

Unlike my previous series (Noble Knights), the Lost Princesses leans more toward fairy-tale than historical. So if, like me, you love princess fairy-tales set in medieval times, then this series might be right for you! (See all of my medieval YA here on my website:
For more information, visit the ALWAYS page on my website:

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