Character Worksheet





Body type:


Texture (i.e. of hands, skin, etc.):

Clothing style/frequently worn clothes:

Eye color (list synonyms):

Hair color and style (list synonyms):

Other distinguishing physical traits (2 or 3 unique tags, specific to only that character):

Action tags (i.e.scratching head, nail biting, etc.):

Verbal tags (i.e. “My, my,” “Huh?” etc.) (also list speaking style: talkative, soft-spoken, loud, formal, accent, fast,etc.):

Characteristic tags (i.e. timidity, drunkenness, arrogance, etc.):

Physical imperfections or something would most like to change:

Race/Ethnic group:


Years of schooling:

Any special occupational training:


Past Occupations:

Skills, Abilities, and Talents:

Personality Type (Include Archetype):

Admirable personality traits (strengths):

Negative personality traits (weaknesses):

Quirks or eccentricities (off beat manner of behavior, dress, or speech that is peculiar to a person and distinguishes them from others):

Things that make angry:
Method of handling anger:

Things that embarrass:
Method of handling embarrassment:

Method of handling fear:

Bad habits or vices:


Pet peeves or gripes:

Sense of Humor:

Philosophy of Life:

Physical illness or affliction:


Favorite Foods:

Favorite Books:

Favorite Color:

Favorite Place:

Item(s) special to character:

Person/friend close to character:

Description of home, home life, and economic status:

Brief family history:

Most painful experiences in character’s past (to prove why they act the way they do):

Character’s goals (What they want)(Their biggest dream):

Character’s motivation (Why they want the above goal):

Character’s conflict (What is keeping them from their goal):

Summarize character’s Fatal Flaw (the main problem to work through):

Story Premise (in one sentence write what I am trying to prove by writing this story):

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