Gone Fishing . . .

No, I'm not really going fishing! But I am taking a mini blogging vacation. I'll be back here next Tuesday, July 9.

In the meantime, I'll be celebrating my oldest son's 16th birthday this week. And yes, he'll be getting his driver's license! So I'll need some time off to recuperate from the heart attack he'll be giving me! *wink*

I'll also be busy celebrating the 4th of July holiday with friends and family. We'll be doing the traditional cookout and fireworks. Lots of food, lot of kids running around, and lots of chaos. It's always fun!

In addition to all that, we just added two eight week old kittens to our family. It's a little like having new babies! Here they are Toby (the orange one) and Liberty (the tortoise shell). Aren't they adorable? 

And last but not least, I'm on the home stretch with finishing up the first draft of another book. If all goes as planned, I hope to have it done in the next couple of weeks!

Happy 4th of July to all of you! Have a great week!

Are YOU doing anything special for the holiday or during the summer?


  1. Have a great mini vacation, Jody!

  2. Jody, I will be thinking of you all on July 4th. Celebrate in style dear Lady!

    I know what you mean by heart attacks ..our 17 year old grandson almost has his licence and then I'm SURE the heart attacks will hit full force..just kidding!:0)

    Love the pics of your kitties.

    Enjoy your mini vac!

  3. Have a wonderful time, Jody. Hope he doesn't drive like I did - yikes 8 tests! My parents are here from England and we're enjoying Wimbledon and new boat. Happy 4th July!

  4. I'll be celebrating two of my kids' birthdays this month, including Daughter #2's sweet sixteen. And next month I'll be sending my oldest off to college!

    Enjoy your "fishing."

  5. Have fun at your cookout, Jody! I plan to do the same. My family and another family are going to celebrate the fourth together with a cookout and watching fireworks as well.

    Your kittens are so cute! Enjoy them. They grow up oh-so-quickly!


  6. Cute Kittens, Happy B'day to your son and have fun July 4th and for your mini blog vacay.

  7. Who can resist kittens? Who can resist 'baby' anything?
    Enjoy 'vacation' time with family. Memories are made there.
    We're raft the Colorado next week––4 days––and wildly excited about it. I'll find you on return, a nice welcome back.

  8. Thank you so much, everyone!! I had a wonderful BUSY week! Hope you all did too! Hugs! :-)

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