Birthday Party!

Just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to those of you who've already sent me birthday wishes!! Apparently facebook has a way to announce birthdays, and so for the past couple of days I've been getting such sweet birthday messages!

My editors at Bethany House even sent me a birthday card and a book! Do they know what I love or what? I was beyond thrilled they took the time to make me feel so special.

Yes, today is my (numberless) birthday!

Not only is it my birthday, it's fellow writer and friend Janna Qualman's! We couldn't let the excitement pass without a celebration.

We would love to have you join us for a virtual birthday party! You're invited to head over to Janna's blog and join in the fun. Bring your favorite party food, silly games, and special entertainment. She has a beautiful cake waiting!

If you don't know Janna, please visit her blog and take a look around. She has such honest and inspiring posts about writing and life.

See you at the party!

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