The Preacher's Bride Book Giveaway: Trivia Question #3

What kind of danger haunts the main characters of The Preacher's Bride?

A. A gigantic water snake slithers out of a tsunami and squeezes to death anyone it catches.

B. A tribe of man-eating Vikings is attacking their town, and they must hide in underground tunnels to escape the danger.

C. The King's men spread vicious rumors, bodily intimidate, brutally harm, and unfairly imprison anyone who dares to defy them--especially bold preachers.

Leave your answer (just an A,B, or C is fine) in a comment along with your email address. Everyone with the correct answer will be entered into this week's drawing for a free copy of The Preacher's Bride. (Hint: The answer is somewhere on my website!)

Deadline: Thursday evening Sept. 24, 2010 at 10:00 pm EDT. I'll announce the winner on Friday morning. If you tweet this post or put a link on facebook, let me know in a comment, and you'll qualify for an extra entry.

And THE WINNER of this week's drawing is: Beth Sorenson! Congratulations, Beth! And thanks to everyone else for playing along!! Come back next week for ONE more chance to win a copy!

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