To Tweet is Sweet

This week we've been discussing the connection factor that blogging provides. I think we can all agree that blogging benefits writers in countless ways--especially with friendships.

But what about connecting through other social networking sites?

In previous posts, I discussed facebook as a way to network (link). At first I was hesitant about joining facebook since I already struggle to limit my online time. However, I quickly realized it doesn't have to be a time guzzler. The comments are short and to the point. Replies, if any, are also brief.

With blogging and facebook, why in the world would anyone need twitter? For the longest time I resisted the tweeting call. Once again, I told myself I didn't need to add one more internet activity into my already overloaded screen time.

Then during one of my first conversations with my new agent, she asked, "Do you twitter? I'll follow you if you do." I stammered, "Er, uh, not yet. . ." I was too embarrassed to let her know I had no clue how twitter worked or even how to sign up for it!

After that phone call, I decided I would at least check into it. After all, if my agent twittered and liked it, then maybe I needed to get on board. End of story: it took me all of five minutes to set up a twitter account, and it takes even less time to tweet.

Now after twittering for a few weeks, I can report back some of the benefits:

  • Connect more with fellow writing friends: Some of you twitter too, and it's been really fun to get to know you more personally and stay in daily contact with you.
  • Meet new writers: I've connected with different writers that I don't normally see in the blogosphere.
  • Keep up with agent news: Since my agent uses twitter as her primary mode of communication of her daily activities, I feel more connected with what she'd doing.
  • Promote writing industry news: Many writers post tidbits of writing-related news, or encouraging and motivational quotes.
  • Market ourselves and our writing: Often authors post links to interviews, blogs, book release information, and more.

If blogging is a satisfying meal and facebook is a snack cracker, then twitter is like a tiny treat. It's not satisfying in and of itself. But combined with other networking, it's another easy way to build our platforms.

Terri Tiffany recently posted about the importance of searching out new ways to market ourselves as writers. (Read her post here.) For me, twitter is the next step in expanding my writing presence and it could potentially be an excellent marketing tool.

Have you tried anything new recently? What do you think of Twitter? I'd love to hear your opinions about it, both the pro's and con's.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love twitter! It entertains me for the most part. But it has been a great way to connect further with many of the blogging friends I have made. I enjoy that and I am glad you finally joined us!

  2. Honestly, I've been hesitant to tweet too. Not sure I'd have anything interesting to say. But all you tweeters may just convince me to try it. I do love treats. LOL

  3. I'm glad you wrote about tweeter. I've thought about joining, but wondered why I would if I blog and have facebook already. Now I'm going to have to check it out because I'm all about a little treat now and then. See all you have to do is mention food and you have me hooked:) Have a great weekend Jody!

  4. I twitter:-) I like it because I can log on and not keep up with the whole facebook thing, but my tweets still update facebook. I also have the twitter log on my blog so it posts My latest few "tweets" which is kinda fun I think. It also saves time. It's faster for me most days to log onto twitter and update my status than to log onto facebook and do so, because I'm more tempted to stop and browse in facebook.

  5. I twitter my blog updates. I should twitter more... but I don't have texting so I can't do it from my phone. I love to read them... Very good short prose practice!

  6. I love that you can connect all, FB, and Twitter. Twitter feeds my FB status, blog updates show on both FB and Twitter. It is a great way to start building a platform as well as stay connected with new friends online. I'm sure there will be some new thing around the corner for us to learn!!! I hope it is later rather than sooner though, as I don't think I can keep up! lol

  7. I always forget about my Twitter. I played along the first few days after I signed up, but always forget to go back!

  8. Okay. You sold me on Twitter! This weekend I'll visit and sign up. Now if I can figure out how my blog, Facebook and Twitter can all connect that will be perfect for connecting with all the wonderful, interesting, helpful and exciting writers out there.

    Watch out Twitter. Here I come!! LOL!

  9. I'm still on the fence...I'm just trying to be so intentional about how I spend my time and I worry twitter will become an immediate time suck.
    Have a great weekend Jody and having fun tweeting or twittering or whatever the lingo. :D
    ~ Wendy

  10. I LOVE Twitter! What makes it even better is TweetDeck... I know, Jody, you'd said you had problems downloading it. But for me, it's been a gem and a HUGE time saver. Because Tweetdeck is now a program on my comp. I don't even need to open the internet. I get to see everybody's updates, make my own - and they automatically post to FB and my twitter account.

    Another great thing - you can link your blog to Twitter. Possibly increase the traffic.

    I like your food analogy. And I love that you joined Twitter because like you said, it's a fun way to stay in contact throughout the day! :)

  11. Wow, thanks for this informative and fun post; i learned tons from everyone's comments.

    I am hosting a contest next Wednesday, for you to try and convince my husband that Facebook and Twitter will benefit me, and be worth the time it will take.
    Please visit me at and comment for a chance to win a literary meal, snack or treat!
    Blessings, Jen

  12. I'm not the best about Twitter. I like reading other's tweets, but they get lost so quickly, I'd have to check in five times a day!

  13. One thing about Twitter is you can, if you want, get Twitter updates as texts on your phone. Of course, you would only want this if you have unlimited texting! And you can pick and choose who you want to receive texts from, so you only get updates from the people you really want to keep up with. Annnndddd, when you sign up your mobile number on Twitter, you can update your Twitter AND FB by texting your "tweets" on your phone!!! ;)

  14. Thanks for bringing up Tweetdeck, Katie. I do have it now, and I love it. You can form groups so that you can follow the people in various ways. For example, I have a group called Writing Friends which includes, Katie, Sherrinda, Jill, Krista, and a few others. Then I don't have to read everyone's tweets if I don't want to. I also have a group for agents/authors. So then I can see what they're up to too!

    And Sherrinda brought up a great point too. You can connect FB and blogs to twitter. From tweetdeck you can update FB and twitter at the same time: comments go to both.

    I haven't done the text messaging yet! But Sherrinda, it sounds like a lot of fun!

  15. Grrrrrrrrrrr...*grits teeth*....
    I don't want to tweet. Please don't make me!

    I have been terribly negative towards Twitter since I first heard about it. I think it's because I really don't care what people are having for breakfast.

    In all seriousness, I have discovered that there are a few out there who use it primarily as a marketing tool. My husband is a photographer and follows several pros on Twitter. They post updates, links, as well as tips.

    I may...MAY I tell you...check into it more!

    Thanks for this post! It has thawed out my attitude towards Twitter a wee bit :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  16. whoa-- I have been putting it off as I wasn't too sure about the time involved again. Maybe I will take a peek at it.
    Am I connected with everyone on Facebook? Hope so!

  17. I tried twitter several months ago and gave up because I couldn't figure out who was talking to whom and what they were even saying. The first tweet would say something about a puppet, the next would say she has a green thumb. It was a head scratcher. How does anyone figure it out?

  18. not there yet! maybe i need to check out this tweetdeck program katie mentioned...

  19. I joined Twitter about 2 months ago...for a one week "trial period". Haha! But seriously, I decided to try it for myself because it seemed so pointless. I was so wrong! It's truly about building relationships and networking.

    I've learned SO much and have access to many professionals with whom I otherwise wouldn't have contact.

    And bonus: Twitter is like a chat by the water-cooler for conversation-deprived writers.

    I'll follow you now that you're on! :)

  20. No, not a twitterer or Facebooker. :)

    I think there has to be a line drawn somewhere. Every little online activity doesn't take much time BUT you do three or four of them and then suddenly your time is taken up. (for me, anyway) :)

  21. I thought it would be like hyperactive blogging and . . . maybe it is. But it's quick and gives me short teasers to check out - like the one that brought me to this post :)

  22. Yup, I find it's great for connecting with other writers and following publishing news. Love it!


  23. Almost as soon as I got comfortable with my new blog (about three weeks,) I heard about Twitter. Here's the thing. I don't multi-task very well. It's probably my age. I'm a Mr. Rogers person, not a Sessame Street type. As soon as I can get professional and in control of one process, I will try another. I know there is way more out there that I need to do. I have confidence that I have time to do all that needs to be done.
    Thanks for the information. It's good to see up ahead.

  24. I have resisted Twitter so far...but I keep thinking about it. I guess I wonder how ppl will want to follow me on Twitter when the visiters to my blog are slow and comments aren't that many. I do use facebook, but am in touch with just friends and family there.

    To Twitter or not to Twitter, that is the question...or at least my dilemma right now.

  25. I love your new picture! You are so gorgeous! OK, now you have me looking into twitter... At least I'll be following you. I can't imagine anyone following me. It's a strange concept.

  26. Jody, I have a twitter and facebook account and definitely don't use them like I should. I'm taking a teleseminar on Monday that will hopefully help me figure out how to use these networking tools. I feel like I'm missing out on something when I read posts like this.

  27. I haven't tried a tweet yet but I do occasionaly connect with Terri on Facebook. I also found a long lost friend from over 35 years ago on Facebook which opened my eyes to networking. Is it hard to sign up for Twitter?

  28. Hey Jody... how do I put things into groups like you were talking about? That sounds cool!

  29. I've had a Twitter account for awhile and posted maybe 2 comments. It sounds like I need to be utilizing it more, but like you, I was afraid of the time. I can barely keep up with blogs and facebook and not sure I could add something more, but I will revisit it.

  30. I keep forgetting to tell you how much I love your new pic! Very gorgeous. :-)

  31. Oh, don't tell me I have to Twitter, now. Took me so long to blog. I avoid Facebook as I don't want to know what my kid's are doing. And the mantra of "What are you doing now?" I can see my entry - going to the bathroom - #2. Letting the cat in -- again.

    Forgive me.

  32. Nooooooooo, no no noooo, I don't wanna! I know it's coming sooner or later, and maybe I'd give tweeting a try and love it if I actually saw the point of it.

    Is it just my imagination, or do many bloggers drift away from blogging to try the FB and/or Twitter thing...then eventually come back to the Blogosphere??

  33. It's really interesting how you'd put it together and since i only know about the "meal" and "snack" as being true ;).. well, then maybe i shd try on the treat sometime!


  34. I just started tweeting after resisting for a long time. I'm enjoying it, but I still don't understand it.

  35. If I had your agent, I would give it a try. That's cool that you can be more in touch with her.

    As for now, blogging is enough and I will look forward to hearing about twitter from you and others.

  36. I'm assuming you found my blog post on Twitter and then I found you! That's why I love twitter, it makes it easy to connect, but I don't like missing tweets of people I really care about. That's why I love TweetDeck with all the groups.

  37. I'm afraid I'm with Angie on this. As a marketing tool I can see Twitter being useful but at this point in my life I just can't get enthusiastic about it. I'm on FB, but I don't make very good use of it either. I expect the day will come when I'll want to take advantage of every opportunity to network but for now I'd rather spend the extra time on my writing.


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