My Life Without Blogging

Rachelle Gardner had a big blog party last Friday. (If you missed it, you can check it out here.) She had over 200 comments in which people left their blog, facebook, and twitter addresses.

Since I'm a social kind of gal, I enjoyed hopping around to meet some new writers. I had a few writers stop by my blog too--so thanks! If you're new, I'm looking forward to getting to "know" you!

All of us can probably agree, one of the top benefits of blogging is the connection factor. Blogging allows us to connect with other writers, agents, and editors in a way that wasn't possible five years ago.

We certainly all struggle to keep blogging time from overtaking our writing or other priorities. I applaud those who unplugged their internets last week to give themselves more writing time. (I'm curious to know how it went!) But imagine what our writing lives would be like if we didn't have blogs.

Here's what my life would look like without blogging:

  • I'd be incredibly stupid about the current state of the writing industry.
  • I'd have no writing friends (or very, very few).
  • I wouldn't have known about the Genesis Contest and therefore wouldn't have entered and wouldn't have finaled.
  • I wouldn't have found an editor to help critique my manuscripts.
  • I wouldn't have connected with my agent.
  • I'd be no where near publication!
  • And I'd still be double spacing after my periods.
Can I go so far as to say, the blogosphere has revolutionized the writing industry? What do you think? What would your writing career be like without blogging?


  1. Heheee! LOL, I'd still be double spacing too. Snort!

    Life without blogging... well, I didn't get too much writing done and I missed all of you.
    I saw Rachelle's post and there are so many interesting blogs out there! I'll be going to check them out when I have time.

  2. Thanks for reminding me of the benefits of blogging. One of the biggest daily benefits for me is the instant reward. I write something, and someone reads it. It's not sitting on the shelf for years like my sad manuscripts!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. You're hitting on all cylinders in the Blogosphere. Kudos! I started blogging for the connection factor and the encouragement, and have found both in abundance.

    Your posts are always informative. Thanks for that. :)

  4. Hi Jody,
    Glad you brought this up b/c I really believe the window shade was lifted for me once I began blogging. I don't think many people realize what a useful source blogging can be. I think my favorite thing has been that while I'm learning, I'm also making these deeply meangingful connections in my life.
    Thanks for being one of those!
    ~ Wendy

  5. Jody: This post came at the perfect time for me. I often get discouraged by my lack of actual writing time vs. blogging time. Yet I have learned a ton, and grown as a writer and a person by all the wonderful blogs out there. Yours is one of the best!
    I will get to experience Life without Blogging for five days, when we fly to CA for my dad's memorial. Mom does not even have a computer. Yikes! I'll be in withdrawals, no doubt...
    Love, Jen

  6. I wouldn't have known about single vs. double spacing after periods either. That's funny.

    From reading blogs, I've also been introduced to many wonderful authors that I wouldn't have found otherwise.

    Without Rachelle's blog, I wouldn't have discovered this blog, which is very good!! Jodi, I enjoyed reading through your past posts. Very informative, so thanks.


  7. Ummmmm perfect example. What? Single space vs double space. Help. I have no clue!

  8. Blogging definitely brought a wonderful community right into my home; without it, it would be a less inspired writing life.

  9. Jody, your blog has been such a blessing for me where writing has been concerned! Previously, all my "blogging buddies" had been more life-oriented, and while I still love that aspect of it, I do love the rekindling of passion that comes from reading about writing! I've enjoyed hopping over to other writing blogs from yours.

    And I'm so glad to see others were so recently informed about the single spacing after periods. I just learned that at a writing conference last fall, and the instructor who said it seemed to indicate I was several hundred years behind the times because I didn't know. So I'm glad to see I was at least in good company!

  10. Hi Jody!

    I am just learning how important blogging is not only to my career but also for my social well-being!

    We writers tend to lock ourselves away from light and life. Connecting with others of similar persuasion is a great way to remember that what we're doing is not only about ourselves, but about how we can reach out to others. I've learned so much since I started blogging and following the blogs of other writer's.

    Have a great week!

  11. I'd be a lonely writer, but maybe a more attentive mom :{

  12. I had no idea I wasn't supposed to doublespace after a period. Without blogging, I would be nowhere near as knowledgeable about writing as I am now. I wouldn't have met all the really interesting and talented people (like yourself) that I have had the pleasure of meeting (virtually, that is). Most importantly however, I wouldn't have the drive I have right now to improve my writing and get published.

  13. No doubt, blogging and online writing courses have helped me.

    So, have your trained yourself to only put one space after the period or do you go and change it through "find and replace" later?

    Lynnette Labelle

  14. Jody, lol, I'd still be double spacing too :D Those are great points you made. I did participate in Unplug Week and it was very, very productive and rewarding (I will definitely do it again). But I am still going to continue to blog despite my productivity because, as you pointed out, blogging is still very important in its own right. Just like you, I would have hardly any writing friends and I wouldn't have learned as much as I have. I have also found a wonderful critique group and really, really enjoy talking with other writers.

  15. Love your blog! Learn so much good stuff about writing.

    How do you stop yourself from double spacing after periods when you've been doing it for decades? It happens automatically and I just can't seem to stop myself! UGH!

    I blog for the great info and support out there in the world of writing, but mostly because I'm always making wonderful new friends. Can't get enough of you all!

  16. I've only been blogging for a few months, so I still remember life on the other side. ;P It's definitely doable, but I've made some wonderful friends through blogging, and I've found so much useful information as well.

  17. I already knew about the single spacing after periods (and em dashes and curly quotes too!)

    Blogging has given me the opportunity and the accountability to actual start writing and stop talking about it. That in itself has been quite an accomplishment. Along this journey in the blogosphere I've discovered great information on writing and publishing, a varied assortment of writing styles and lots of meaningful connections with fellow writers. I can't imagine life without blogging.

    Balancing the time involved is a work in progress.

  18. I agree that I would have very few writer friends and would know very little about the industry and would just be frustrated because I would have no idea about why my queries/ms were getting rejected.

  19. My writing would be nonexistant without my blog right now. I was in a very dormant period. I thank three great friends who helped me start. It's the one place where I do new writing. Even these little comment essays are creative and fun. Thanks a bunch for your passion. When I am ready, I'll know where to go.

  20. I love the connections the Lord has made for me through blogging! Update us on your journey when you have a chance I'd love to hear the progress!

  21. I agree - the knowledge and connections I've gained from blogging totally make it worth all the time I put into it. Although I have to admit I still have not been able to make myself stop double-spacing after periods... maybe if I could set up my computer to give me a shock or something every time I do it... hmmm...

  22. I would know nothing without a blog! The connections are invauable--just have to send out a question and I have instant feedback. I try telling every writer I know to blog--some won't and they are missing out. You are living proof!

  23. Like everyone else who has commented, I love the interaction and I have learned sooo much. How in the world would anyone know about the single space after periods if they didn't blog??? (And who makes these decisions anyway???)

    And I would not have met YOU and watch your journey take its exciting turn if I had not blogged! :)

  24. If I didn't blog, I would never have met so many wonderful writers. :-)

  25. I really like your new profile picture!

    My life would be boring and lonely and very sad without blogging. I just took a week off, though, and that was nice. But it's wonderful to come back! The best thing about blogging is the connecting. :)

  26. Jody, I had to laugh at the double space after the period comment. Too funny!

    You're right, blogging is not only an amazing way to network, but also to learn, learn, learn, and share, share, share.

    It's great to be back from the conference and get into blogging again too!

  27. Okay - I loved the double spacing line, because I literally just learned about that a month ago. Can we say I'm behind? :)

    I've learned so much from blogging. It's really been amazing. Mainly because of the community I've found in the blogging/writing world. Such a blessing! Great post, Jody!

  28. DOA. I've made friends with authors, published and unpublished, as well as editors, agents, and readers; learned a WHOLE lot about the publishing industry and writing craft; discovered new and wonderful books I might not otherwise have found; attended a retreat; and had loads of fun. All because of blogging.

    BTW, if you want the Deeanne Gist book, just let me know.

  29. I spent a few years "lurking and learning" on other blogs. After one particular conference I came home convinced that an aspiring author needs the connections that are only available from two-way communication. For that I realized I had to be "visible", and that became the subject of my very first blog.

    Before blogging I had more time but less support for my writing. Before blogging I felt distanced from industry professionals. Now I understand more of their expectations. I spend waaay too much time online but I think my writing is better for it, because of the knowledge and writing relationships I wouldn't otherwise have.

  30. I don't look at blogging as merely socialization. It's high on my list of educational benefits. That being said, I never feel guilty about the time I spend reading all your blogs. :)


  31. I can relate completely! And I'd so still be double spacing after periods in an MS completely typed in single spacing and Comic Sans ;)

    Blogging is a HUGE blessing!

  32. Well my writing life probably would have never gotten started. When I first discovered blogs and decided to give it a whirl, one of my reasons was to improve my writing skills. Through the blogs, I discovered Nanowrimo in 2007 and I challenged myself to actually writing a book. Haven't stopped writing since. Through the writing blogs, I have learned much about how to writing. I owe it all to the blogs.

  33. Hi Everyone! Just love your comments today about how much blogging has helped you! Sorry I can't reply to each of you individually! You know I still love you, right?! :)

  34. Jody, I completely understand how you can not reply to each comment. The double spacing thing seems to be a reoccurring theme among the comments. Perhaps you could address it? Blogging has given me a voice. I am an introvert who has a hard time speaking up in my own quiet way I am learning I have something to share. I enjoy the friend factor, it encourages me to continue writing.

  35. I would never have 'come out',into the writing world.My work would still be in a notepad.
    Now I have s/p my poems,writing a novel, and have blogs with great new friends.I will never unplug.

  36. Jody I love that I have met so many writing friend. The input and encouragement are invaluable. Even if I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with all the blogs and still have time to do some other things:)

  37. I'd have to say my writing life would be more isolated without blogging and blogger friends.

    I wouldn't have found my crit partners and made some really great friendships without my blog.

  38. I'm still overwhelmed by the wealth of information out there! I'm also amazed at how often other writers give their tips and advice via their blogs. It's great to see the support and friendships formed through the blogs. It seems as though almost everyone supports each other's projects and encourages each other in the process!

  39. Blogging has brought me many new friends and is a constant source of new learnings. BTW I just can't stop putting two spaces after a period so I go in with the search/replace feature and fix it up when I'm finished. I'm just and old dog who can't learn this new trick.


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