DON'T Do List

Last week agent Rachelle Gardner had a great post about how to manage time. (To read it click here.) I was particularly struck by the concept of a DONT Do List.

Here's what she said: I guess another big secret to my time-management strategy is the list of things I DON'T do. I've dispensed with a lot of non-necessary things in life... things I'd like to do if I could! But the path I've chosen means I've had to let go of some things.

She went on to list quite a few things she doesn't do in order to make time for her work. Her point was that there are a LOT of very good things we can do, maybe are doing. But in order to have time for our writing, we may need to sacrifice many of those things.

Whether published or not, most of us are struggling to squeeze writing time around the myriad of other responsibilities and activities that demand our attention.

We live in a culture that's constantly on the move, taking trips, going to movies, shopping at the mall, running errands, playing sports, and the list goes on. If you have kids the activities double, even triple with ballet, choir, baseball, 4-H, cub scouts, soccer, piano lessons, drama club, and on and on. Our modern culture is a wheel of never ending activities, spinning faster and faster. We often get sucked in for the dizzying ride.

The bottom line is that we can't do everything and still have time to write. We'll have to make sacrifices, especially if we're serious about pursuing publication.

Here's what's on my Don't Do List: I don't bake much even though I love to, I don't watch TV except for one favorite show, I don't make elaborate meals for my family, I don't get involved in many activities for myself, I rarely shop at the mall, I don't clean my whole house every week, I definitely don't iron, I don't go to movies, I don't read the newspaper or magazines, I don't read new releases as much as I'd love to, and I don't show hospitality the way I used to.

Now it's your turn to share! What are you sacrificing to make time for writing? What's on your Don't Do List?

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