Ever Widening Door

Lately I've been pondering a couple of questions. Are there really more aspiring writers than ever before? Are the expectations for new writers getting higher with each passing year?

When I think about the entertainment industry in general, specifically music and movies, I can't keep up with all of the actors/actresses and singers. New "stars" appear every day. With the explosion of cable TV, Netflix, and iTunes, more wannabe's are able to slip through the ever-widening entertainment door.

What about the publishing industry? Has that door opened wider too? One need only browse through Amazon books to see the incredible number of books being written. Or Books-A-Million--the title says it all.

Just as in movies and music, the number of "star" authors are increasing. I'm continually reading author interviews and reviews of new books on different blogs. When I browse the shelves at the bookstore, I'm often overwhelmed at the choices. Every time I turn around I learn about a new author and another great book.

Agents have complained of flooded inboxes and the astronomical rise in the queries they're receiving. So not only are there lots of new authors, there are even more unpublished writers trying to get in the door.

Have you noticed the ever widening door? Are there really more published authors and books than ever before or does the access of internet marketing just make it seem that way? Also, why do you think there are so many new writers?

This week I'd like to discuss how the growth in the writing industry affects unpublished writers. More tomorrow. . .

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