Be My Friend?

How did you do with your weekend writing goals? Please tell us in the comments how you did!

Katie did you finish 4 scenes? Sherrinda did you write 2000 words? Marybeth how did the editing go? T. Anne did you get in 2000 on your WIP? Krista did you edit 2 chapters on book 1 and write 1000 words? Jamie how did you do with your 2500? Jeanette did you write your blog posts and revise 2 chapters? Jeannie, I'm afraid to ask if you finished your last chapter!? Terri did you get close to 60,000 yet? Wendy did you write 500? Everyone else, how did you do? Robin did you get in 500?

Many times writing is a solitary venture. I appreciate having a community of writing friends that can hold me accountable and encourage me. Thank you! (And, yes, I squeaked in my 1500 for the weekend!)

Speaking of friends, I recently joined Facebook. I did so for a few reasons:
  • Curiosity: I'd heard it mentioned and wanted to see what the hype was about.

  • Agents & Editors: They're pushing it as another way to network.

  • Connecting: I thought it might be a fun way to connect with family and friends.
After I joined Facebook, it only took me five seconds to realize I needed "friends" to join my homepage or I would be alone in my corner of the Facebook world. Thanks to Jill Kemerer, I'm not an absolute reject. She linked me to some of her "friends." (Thanks, Jill!)

The whole process of inviting "friends" to join my Facebook page has started me thinking about "friends." Thus, I'm devoting this week to talking about friendships. How can a person have over 1,000 "friends" on Facebook? More on that tomorrow. . .

My question for you today is this: Have you joined Facebook? If no, why not? If yes, what were your reasons for joining?

And, I now have a Facebook widget on my sidebar. Won't you be my friend? *Smile*


  1. I have not joined Facebook, preferring to frequent here instead. Blogger gives me more room to muse and greater opportunity to meet new people. My husband loves Facebook and keeps in touch with old high school friends with its help.

  2. Yes - I'm a facebooker. Not an addicted one though. I did meet my goal! I exceeded my goal! My hubby took Brogan with him to Wisconsin over the weekend I wrote 10,000 words! It was awesome. Now I just have six more scenes to go until I finish my rough draft for Beneath a Velvet Sky!

  3. To have that many friends, one must click accept or add on every person they see. LOL

    My weekend was productive. :-) Glad yours went well!

  4. Good morning,
    I surprised myself by writing just over 1000. So that was good. Busy Sunday! Wow, do I have some stories to share about FB. I'll go friend request you and maybe I'll share a few. :D.

    I'm way less addicted than I used to be. And I agree 100% about "friends"...I had to do some thinking on that one when I joined.

    Happy Monday,
    ~ Wendy

  5. Finished TWO more chapters, one of which was a HUGE mess! Only 10 more to go!!! Then the real work begins.

    I'm a FB addict, along with Twitter and Blogger and and and.... but I sent you a friend request :D

    I do agree with Wendy though, I am not nearly as addicted as I used to be. But then again, I didn't know about Twitter and Blogger and ALL the other sites I love.

  6. Rebecca: I still like Blogging more than Facebook! Seems like you can get deeper with Blogging, but who knows, I might turn into a fan of Facebook eventually!

    Katie: WOW! Let me say it again! WOW! I think you set a record with 10,000 words! You must have gotten into a roll! That just shows how when we focus we can accomplish so much! What a fun weekend you must have had! Sometimes we just need that quiet down time! You sound like you have a great husband!

    Jessica: Glad you had a productive weekend! How's that planning going for ACFW? It's on my to-do list for today!

    Wendy: Great job writing 1000! Considering your busy weekend, that's really an accomplishment! And thanks for being my friend on Facebook! ;) I'll look forward to hearing some of your stories about it!!

    Marybeth: I hate messy chapters! But it was great that you persevered through it and are making good progress! And thanks for adding me as a friend!

  7. I'll friend you;) I don't plan on pushing for a certain number of friends but it's a quick, easy way to keep in touch with my writing friends without having to go to different blogs.

    My laptop is dead until I get a new charger so my chapter didn't get finished:(

  8. I joined for the same reasons you did, Jody, but I really don't know how to use it. How did you get that widget. I've so much to learn. I go click on it and see if it shows me how to do it backwards so I can get one on mine.

    What about Twitter? Are you a twitterer too?

  9. Oh, I think it worked, I got my link up on my blog, too. Thanks, Jody, now if I could only learn how else to use it.

  10. KATIE!!! I've looked for you on Facebook. You did not show up. Sigh.

    Jody, I finished my 2500 and added an extra 500!! My dh was amazing and had me all set up on my back porch with flowers and laptop and mint tea. Of course, he got to golfing out of the arrangement but I was more than happy to sequester myself with research and writing! :)

  11. OH yes, I am on Facebook. My reason for joining was because I'm a social freak and a youth leader and it keeps me connected with my kids. But it's a HUGE plus in the writing world.
    If anyone wants to be my friend, though :) :) :), I'm under Jaime Wright Sundsmo if you do a search. I searched for you Jody but I couldn't find you :(

  12. I haven't taken the FB plunge yet. Mostly it's a matter of time, mine seems to be filled to the brim already with writing, and I'm reluctant to take any more away from that. Maybe one day ... It'll be interesting to hear your experiences though, keep us posted!

  13. I'll add you as a friend as soon as I'm finished with this comment. :)

    I only have 147 friends, not a thousand. I didn't join facebook to get popular, LOL, but to find people that I hadn't seen for a long time. And I've reconnected with a lot of people. It has been fun.

    I don't do much on facebook besides post a status once in awhile, and keep up on the doings of friends and family.

  14. Welcome to Facebook. I'll add you as a friend later today ( work blocks facebook), or if you are on, look for me and add me as a friend. I love new Facebook friends!

  15. I have joined Facebook. I did it on the same week I started my blog back in January. I did it because, like blogging, it was recommended to help network. I've run into a few other writers on Facebook, but more through blogging. Because of that, I don't spend as much time on Facebook, but I will check back to see what friends are up to or comment in some writers groups I joined.

  16. You're crackin' me up! I WAS a total reject (reminded me of the first day of high school!) when I signed up. "You have NO friends." Gee--thanks.

    For everyone who is posting their FB account on their blog, I'm going to throw out a recommendation. Above the link, type the exact name your account is under, because you can't link your actual FB account to your page because of the privacy issue. So the link will take you to the main FB page.

    Tell people how to find you. "Follow me on FB: I'm listed under Jill Kemerer." (Obviously this is for people who are using FB to network.)

    And, wow! Everyone met some fantastic goals this weekend! Way to go!

  17. I'm still resisting Facebook. (Otherwsie I'd be your friend):)
    My hubby is on Facebook and he advertises my writing there for me. LOL!

  18. It took me a very long time to join Facebook. But I'm glad I did. I have reconnected with tons of people from high school and college that I haven't heard from in years! It's been great fun catching up with them. I'm not on Facebook a lot and it can be a HUGE time waster, but I'm glad I joined.

  19. I joined Facebook just a few months back. It has helped me keep in touch with some old high school buddies. I haven't used it much for networking in the writing world, though I have just begun to twitter with writers.

  20. Chelle: Good point about quick; not sure yet about easy! Sorry your lap top died! Is this a good excuse to get a new one?!

    Eileen: Glad you figured the widget out! Question: can you get right to my Facebook page by clicking on my widget? Or did you have to type in my name? Of course when I click on it, I can get right to my page. But maybe that's not the case for everyone else?

    Jamie: Aaah! What a sweet hubby!! I'm glad you got extra done; sounds like it was a mutually satisfying arrangement! I'm not sure why you couldn't find me! Most people today have easily linked up with me. Did you click on my widget on my sidebar?

    Joanne: Yes, I agree, Facebook is one more thing to add to an already overbrimming schedule! But I'm not planning to make a big deal out of it (hopefully!). :)

    Lady Glamis: Do you think Facebook is a good networking tool for writers, or is it more useful for non-writing friends and family? Just curious what you think (since I value your opinion!)

    quixotic: I'll try to look you up later today and see if I can find you! What name are you posted under?

    Cindy: Do you think Facebook "friends" will be a great way to promote your book once its published? Or do you see it as mainly a way to build relationships? I'm also seeing blogging as a better way to network, but not totally sure yet!

    Jill: Great point! See! You're so good at this stuff! So, when people click onto my widget do they go to the Facebook main page and then have to type my name in from there? Or does my widget take them automatically to my page? (It takes me there, so I just assumed it would take everyone!)

    Jennifer: Will you still be my friend?! :) LOL I think the whole Facebook title of "friend" is hilarious. And, like Jill said, it does remind me of high school!!

    Melissa: I've resisted joining for a while too! I still haven't given into the pressure for Twitter yet!

    Joyce: You're not the first to tell me that it's more for connecting with "old" friends as opposed to writers. But maybe that's good. We need to broaden our connections/platform beyond just our writing friends, right?

  21. Good morning Jody! I made it. 2000 words and a birthday party to boot. About facebook, I joined and thought it was a too much of a timekill. I do feel linked up to my friends but have no real time to exchange fake purses and fill out quizes. I really need that time to write. Shhh...don't tell them ;)

  22. I didn't go right to your page, but I was able to request you as a friend from where it took me. Which makes sense with the security. Thanks for accepting me!

  23. I'll be your friend!!! I'll log in over lunch...

    I totally bombed on my goals this weekend. I cleaned my house instead (as my facebook friends might already know!) and had a b-day party to go to on Sunday.

    I'm going to do better this week. I AM I AM I AM! So, my writing goals for the weekend are now the goals for the week!

  24. Argh, I didn't get any writing done over the weekend - though I did accomplish many other things, so I think I'm okay with it. :)

  25. Haven't taken the plunge yet. Tried. Too intimidated, or more likely, not interested enough to devote the time. I think FB will be more valuable when I have something to promote. Of course, it's smart to build a network of friends before that time comes, isn't it? One more thing to do...

  26. T. Anne: Quite an accomplishment to write AND do a birthday party! Whew. Makes me tired thinking about it!! So what are fake purses, or shouldn't I ask?!

    Eileen: Glad that it wasn't too painful of a process to find me! Some people have had difficulty, even after typing my name in! Is that a sign, I wonder?! :)

    Krista: Oh, thank you for being willing to be my friend! I figured I'd have trouble convincing you, so whew! I'm relieved!! :) Seriously, I hope we can get linked up!

    Janna: This time of year I think there are so many real life things that need our attention, aren't there? I keep pushing them off, and telling eveyone, I'm almost done with my book, I'll get to it when I'm done! So my To Do list is getting really long!

    Patricia: I agree! It is one more thing to do! But for now, it's not a priority for me and hopefully I can make good use of it without it taking over too much of my time!

  27. as you know, i am on facebook! i have been since 2006 when a friend from college insisted i join up so we could keep in touch. then i got addicted. 2/5 years later, i've almost got 1000 friends! and yes, these are people i really do know! :)

    to answer your question...haven't finished the chapter. i just got the email i needed from the lawyer to complete my i'll be on it during my baby's nap time today! :)

  28. Ditto, Jody! Your blog is really cute! I love your mountain climbing analogy. Thanks indeed for the blogging/balancing post. As a newbie blogger, I've already asked myself that question a number of times!

  29. Jody:
    YES! I made my goals! And better! I revised 3 chapters, did all my blog postings for the week (it took 4 hours, since i have 2 blogs), and wrote a humor article for a magazine i sell to.
    THANK YOU for helping me; just knowing you were going to ask that question on your blog today is what motivated me to succeed!
    Hopefully, I am even more motivated by knowing Jesus is going to someday ask, "Who do you say that I AM?"
    No, i've not joined Facebook. I am already addicted to blogging; one more magnet pulling me to the computer is the last thing i need!
    Blessings to you as you gain friends--- that seems to come naturally to you, dear sister.

  30. Jeannie: I have a feeling you're going to win this race and finish your WIP first! And I am amazed at the number of friends you have on Facebook. You'll definitely have to leave a comment on tomorrow's post about your cyber "friends"! I'd love to hear more about it!

    Niki: Thanks for stopping by! I'm looking forward to getting to know you and your writing story!

    Jeanette: I'm glad I could hold you accountable this weekend! Isn't it great how we can do that for each other?! But you are right, our real motivation should be that we are seeking to please the Lord! I'll let you know how Facebooking goes; it doesn't seem to have the same fascination and time pull that blogging does for me, at least yet! I'll pray it stays that way!

  31. Nope,I haven't joined facebook. I simply don't have the time to do anything else but blogger.

    Unfortunately I didn't get my 500 words in this weekend. I knew my time was going to be limited, but thought I'd at least try. Family demanded much attention this weekend. I did get in my writing this morning, though. :)

  32. Hi Robin,
    I'm glad that you were able to spend time with your family and put that first! And I'm not sure I have the time for FB either, but so far it doesn't seem to have the same time committment that blogging has. We'll see!

  33. Hey Jody! I am so behind on my blogs! I was only home an hour yesterday after work before heading to Dallas for dinner at the in-laws.
    So...I did not meet my goal, but did write 1000 words. I DID, however, get a better grip on Word 2007 in my NEW LAPTOP! Sigh...I'm so in love. :)

  34. Hi Sherrinda,
    I still have a love affair with my lap top too! Hope you had a nice evening! So, how far are you to the end of your book? Can't be too far now!


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