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Weekend writers, time to report back! Did you meet your writing goals?

Terri did you get to 40,000 words? Wendy did you write one chapter and do some research? Katie did you finish your 4th scene? Sherrinda did you write 2000 words? Jennifer did you write 2000 words on Friday? Jessica did you get in 1000 a day? Jeannie how is that Seekerville Post coming? Robin did you write 1000 words? Kate did you catch up on crits and work on your query? Anyone else?

Fellow blogger and writer, Jeanette Levellie, is having a drawing for a lovely box of writing supplies that she's put together. If you leave a comment on her blog by Thursday, you'll be entered into the drawing. Jeanette is a fairly new blogger and mentioned to me how she's struggling with the amount of time blogging takes and is feeling like it is taking away from real writing time.

I'm sure that most of us struggle with this same thing. At least I know I do. How much time should we spend blogging? It's becoming more important in the networking, platform building part of a writing career. Yet we won't have anything to build upon if we give up quality writing time in order to blog.

On an average day, how much time do you spend blogging each day (and using facebook and twitter)? And how much time you spend writing? Which is more, your blogging time or your writing time? Please be honest and share your totals with us in the comments.

When I figured out my totals, I realized that blogging seems like it takes more time because it's spread out over the day, but in reality my writing time is in concentrated chunks of time adds up to more. Blogging=maybe two hours; Writing=about 3 hours.

Come back tomorrow for a summary of the results and for more discussion on this difficult struggle.


  1. I reached my goals! It was a difficult process through. I'm struggling with motivation this morning. I write more than I blog. But emails....well, that's a different thing. I need to limit my access to emails, for sure!

  2. Great job Katie! Glad you persevered through the struggle to meet them! And, I hadn't thought of emails, but those are certainly right in there with all of the other networking and can distract us from writing too!

  3. I'm a dog...tail between my legs. I got nothing...didn't finish my goals, but we did have a really meaningful weekend and we did a day trip all Sat. so I'll blame it on that. :D Got a little writing done, but no research.

    If I'm really honest, sometimes my blogging and writing time come up even...uh oh...time to makes some changes, eh?

    I love reading your questions!
    ~ Wendy

  4. Let's see. Doing my actual post usually only takes about fifteen minutes every other day. But keeping up with comments takes more, and keeping up with everyone on my sidebar takes even more. Thanks to the following gadget, though, I think I probably spend about an hour each day, give or take.
    Nope. I didn't get in a 1000 words a day, but I think I came close.

  5. Hi Wendy,
    A meaningful family trip is worth it! That's more important in God's eyes than meeting a writing goal, don't you think?

    And thanks for sharing honestly about writing vs. blogging. It is such a huge struggle for me too!

  6. That off-kilter balance is exactly why I cut back to only 3-4 blog posts a week. And it's helped!

    I'm like you: my blogging (and reading/visiting) is intermittent, though my WIP writing is, too, because I do it around caring for my family. I'd like to think I get at least 2-3 hours of "real" writing in per day, though I know some days I don't get much of anything accomplished.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    I agree, the actual writing of our blogs isn't as time consuming as reading blogs and commenting! But that's all part of the networking and learning, wouldn't you agree?

    And you got close to your goal! So that was great! Some days when I'm a little short, I count it anyway! Because some days I'm a little over and I figure it all evens out by the end of the week, right? :)

  8. Hi Janna,
    Some days my WIP writing feels intermittent too. But I usually find a few chunks of time before kids are up, during nap time, and after they're in bed to squeak out the writing time I need to! It's a tough schedule, isn't it? But at this stage of our lives, I guess we just take what we can get!

  9. Because of family stuff and care-giving, blogging IS the bulk of my writing now, so I'm extra thankful for it. Otherwise, I'd try to parse it out with revising my ms, writing poetry, editing and other projects more evenly.

    I read somewhere recently (agent blog?) that you should spend something like 2 hours/day reading, 2blogging and 2 writing.

    Good luck, writer people!

  10. I had no writing goals for the weekend... and I almost succeeded! I did edit a chapter and a half, so counted that as progress:-)

    As far as blogging and writing time... this is so hard to pinpoint for me. Writing my blog, I need to do better at. I'd LOVE to do a 5 day daily blog but I tend to be lengthy and am HORRIBLE and preplanning. It is one of my goals though!

    I don't read other's blogs as timely and as much as I'd really like to. There are a few I go to EVERY day almost without exception. But others I check into once or twice a week. It isn’t that I don’t want to, because, ugh, it irritates me when something was discussed a few days before that I’d LOVE to comment on but it seems too late I feel like I missed awesome discussions! But I work during the day, am NOT a morning person, and my kids need my evenings, and not to mention… when the heck do I write? Usually this is sandwiched with the kids in the evenings or during my lunch break, but it’s really hard. *sigh*

    So, including facebook and twittering, I’d say I’d AVERAGE an hour a day. Writing, probably 2 hours, but more some weeks when I’m really on a roll.

  11. I had my usual writing goal of 5,000 words over the weekend. After research time, some well needed mentoring from people who know more than me ... I started writing. When finished I checked my word count, 6,500!!! I wasn't expecting that. :) So, yes, a very good weekend for me! :)

  12. I actually met my goal this week! Yay! I try to blog hop in the mornings and use my time throughout the day to write. I home school my 6 yo and try to sneak Facebook in during our breaks.

  13. Jody, I've struggled with this blogging thing too. Even took a break last summer because it was getting out of hand. I try really hard to limit it to 1 hour a day spread out. But sometimes that gets stretched. I write for 2 to 3 concentrated hours, and then flip around for the rest with folding laundry, scrubbing toilets, running errands, etc.

    It's an ongoing challenge!

  14. Oh, I should add, that's on most days, like last week, though, some don't go near as planned!

  15. I set aside 30 minutes to read and comment on blogs. Then I write and take care of the house. I might go back and read blogs inbetween breaks. :)

  16. Lately, blogging. Days I prepare a post, obviously, chew up more time than those were I just comment on the blogs I follow.

    What I find is the bigger challenge is its distraction. I'll be writing, become stuck, *click*, I lovely break. But . . .

    Thanks for this post: it made me take a good hard look. :-)

  17. I'm back and forth on blogging and writing. The days I blog more, I write less and the other way around for other days. I have cut back a lot because I've been trying to edit and that is important to me. I am still struggling to find a balance between writing and kids and household chores, etc. Summer is coming soon and I know my schedule is going to change all over again, so I am going to keep trying to figure it out (and at least be productive along the way).

  18. Hi Angie,
    That's really cool that blogging is the way you keep writing at this point in your life! It is definitely a creative outlet and keeps our writing mind sharp.

    I like your advice about devoting two hours a day to all of those various writing aspects. I do remember reading that on your blog! Thanks for the reminder!

  19. Hi Krista,
    Wow, I didn't realize you worked and tried to juggle all of the other responsibilities! I can't imagine how you do it! It sounds like you've got a good balance with blogging and writing though. You probably have to exercise a great deal of self-discipline in order to get writing done during those down times!

    Hope you're getting back into the swing of life again after being derailed with the death of your Grandma. I know it must be hard.

  20. Jamie,
    6,500 words!!! That is incredible for one weekend. You must have gotten on a great roll! How exciting! Now, we'll just pray the moment keeps going! GREAT JOB!

  21. Hi Chelle,
    I understand the struggle to balance homeschooling and writing and blogging. I'm in the same situation! I pretty much expect that I won't get any writing done during the day. So I use my few down moments here and there to check blogs and email and everything else that needs to be done! Then I do serious writing in early mornings, at nap time, and after the kids are in bed

  22. Hi Eileen,
    You're off the hook from last week, but no excuses this week! :) Sounds like you are using some good self-discipline with blogging and limiting yourself. It is so hard to keep it in balance. And I'm sure there will be times when we may even have to take a break from it altogether (especially when it takes over!).

    Hope you have a good writing week!

  23. Hi Jennifer,
    30 minutes for blogging? How do you do it!?! So how much time do you get with writing every day?

  24. Hi Rebecca,
    I totally understand that urge to CLICK when you're stuck!! I had to resist the urge many times this weekend to catch up on my word count for the week! It's so easy to click onto email or blogs when the writing gets rough!

  25. Hi Cindy,
    There are so many things to juggle, aren't there?! I like to think I can find a way to make it all work, but I'm still learning! I wonder if we'll always have to try to juggle one thing or another, just new things?

  26. Way too much time. Since I just posted a few days ago that I will be blogging less, I hope that "way too much time" goes down to a "good, balanced amount of time"

    Thanks for a great post, as usual! Priorities are important. :D

  27. Blogging is seductive because one can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. With the ability to pre-schedule posts, one can spend a few hours putting together a whole series, schedule them, and sit back.

    Is it time away from your other writing? No more than anything else. Every choice to do something other than writing is a choice not to write. But look at the benefits: finding community, building name recognition, developing network of trusted allies/mentors/resources.

    I find blogging and writing are two different mental hats for me. I can throw up a blog post from anywhere. I need to be able to focus much more intently to write.

  28. I don't spend nearly as much time blogging as I used to. Maybe that's because the "newness" has worn off? I'll usually go through my blog roll and that's about it anymore.

    But I also spend my entire day in front of a computer. Evenings are reserved for writing with the laptop (which I don't have hooked up to the 'Net). So I do most of my blogsurfing during the day.

  29. I reached my goals this weekend too! It's so wonderful to see my new WIP grow! I'd like to send out more queries on older stuff though. If only I had more time..

  30. I'd have to say this weekend was fairly productive, but the preceding week wasn't. I revised my query yet again, and did some minor chapter edits. I didn't, however, get any work done on my second book. I completely failed my chapter goal for that book. Oh well, perhaps this week. he he.

  31. Hi Jody,
    Thank you for visiting my blog!! What a great question. So I am not the only one out here struggling with how to divide my time?? Wow...that is so helpful to hear. Platform building, blogging, writing, email is one thing how about eating, sleeping, working, laundry, breathing, ugh! It's all hard to figure out some days! I am early in my career but I must admit I have been having an affair with my laptop. I need an intervention! Seriously, I poke around the internet probably 3 hrs a day or more and write hmmm...I am still doing lots of reading as I prepare to write my memoir. I would love to be involved more with your group of writers. I like the accountability part.
    Thanks for asking such a great question!

  32. Hi Lady Glamis,
    I did read your blog about that, and it really got me to thinking about blogging time and priorities. I think it's so neat that you are working so hard to balance your time and set your heart on the most important things!

  33. Hi Patricia,
    What excellent thoughts you have! Thank you for sharing! It sounds like you can blog and then easily switch mental gears to write. I have the problem of getting distracted by the blogging and letting it get in the way or even interrupt my writing time!

    But as you mentioned, it does have SO many benefits!

  34. Hi Melissa,
    I'm a relatively new blogger. So maybe once I've been doing it long enough, I'll have a system down to better manage my time! You seem to have a great perspective on how to balance your writing and blogging!

  35. Hi T.Anne,
    Excellent! I'm so glad you made good progress on your new WIP! That must feel good! I know what you mean about needing more time in a day!!

  36. Hi quixotic,
    Glad you had a productive weekend! You'll have to let us know on your blog how your new query sounds! Hope you got some good tips for getting it ready to send out again!

  37. Hi Stephanie,
    I'm glad you stopped by! I have met such a great group of bloggers and am so thankful we can hold each other accountable and encourage one another! I would love for you to join in!

    It is good to know we're not alone in our struggle to manage everything. It seems the demands on new writers keeps growing and blogging is just one of those pressures! It certainly is a blessing too, but I'm still learning how to keep it from taking over the most important things.

  38. Hi Jody, Great question going on here. I think blogging needs to be managed, in a sense. I find Blogger's Scheduler a great tool, and write several posts ahead of time so that I can focus my writing thoughts on whatever project is at hand. I also don't post every day, and keep the posts short for my own sake and the reader's sake. So getting it down to somewhat of a system helps!

  39. I reached my crit goal, but not my query letter goal - it was kind of a crazy weekend though, so I am letting myself off the hook this time;)

    Balancing blogging and other writing is a constant struggle for me, lately I've been not doing as good a job posting on my own blog regularly, but I still try to find time to keep up with everyone else's!

  40. Hi Joanne,
    Thanks for your input! Sounds like you've been blogging long enough to get a system. I hope I can fall into something that works best for me eventually too! You have some great tips! Thank you!

  41. Hi Kate,
    Glad you got half of your goal met! That's something, right?!

    And I've noticed your blog post is sitting at the bottom of my blog roll list since it hasn't been updated lately! But I think we all have seasons when we're especially busy with other life issues and we just have to let some things go for a while. I'm sure you'll get back into soon!

  42. i did get my post written...and even sent off for a critique by my fab partner. so i'll be working on revising it this week.

    as far as how much time to spend blogging...i don't know! i'm seeing a trend of people cutting back...

  43. Dear Jody:
    Thank you for mentioning my blog drawing, and my concern on time management. That was so sweet of you!
    I work a 40 hour week, and am a pastor's wife, so I only spend about an hour a day blogging, sometimes less. I'd like to also write/edit/read another hour a day, but it doesn't always happen.

    I can get more done on the weekends, with my husband gone to a men's Bible study all morning Saturday-- ha! But then, that's my one time to spend a big chunk of time with the Lord, so I divvy up the morning between Him and my computer.

    Thanks for all the candid help, ladies! I really appreciate it.

  44. Hi Jeannie,
    You're doing some great work at building your platform with the Seekervill Post! Seriously, you are really doing a great job. You have a found a wonderful, new niche! It will be exciting to see where all of this takes you!

  45. Hi Jeanette,
    I hope you will get a few more people for your drawing, although it works to my advantage, since I will have more people to compete with for winning your lovely package!! :)

    Seriously, I hope you are able to find more enjoyment in blogging and that all of us can learn together how to balance our writing and blogging. It is so hard! Especially when you are working full time and trying to fit a writing career into "spare" time!

    Hope you have a blessed week!

  46. Hi Jody,

    Just finished typing up what I wrote this weekend - 2638 words and a good new beginning to the story. Yippee! Trying to figure out since this is rewrite if I should make it absolutely perfect before moving on or leave it for another edit session.

    How much time do I spend blogging versus writing? Mercy, lately it's been way too much time blogging and not enough time writing. Probably because I'm between classes so I have a bit more free time. My blogging time increases for spurts of time, then I cut way back when I realize its taking up too much of my time to the detriment of writing and family life. Lady Glam's post about priorities came at a good time. Provided a wonderful reminder to reassess my time.

    I don't do twitter or facebook because I just don't have to time, nor the inclination to either. As it is I probably spend at least 3 hours on line everyday. I post at least one to three posts a day depending on meme's, book reviews, etc. which takes about an hour, then the rest of the time is reading and commenting on other blogs.

    Versus spending maybe one to two hours writing. I may end up writing only 4 days a week at max. I'm working on changing that.

  47. YES! I made my goal and even more! It was a good weekend to write.
    I always shut down my blogging and emailing and facebook when I know I have a good chunk of time to write.
    But I agree--we need to do it for our marketing efforts. I spend an hour when I wake up usually reading and commenting and then maybe a little later in the day. I'm late today!

  48. Hi Robin,
    Looks like you far exceeded your goal! That's wonderful! If you're on a roll, I'd say to keep on going with it. But I know everyone works differently!

    And thanks for sharing honestly about blogging time. I read Lady Glam's post too! I think it is such a struggle to try to keep things in perspective and not just with blogging and writing! It goes for TV watching, reading, etc. Right? We're constantly trying to find that right balance!

  49. I can't believe I didn't reach me goal yet again. We had drama at my house this weekend. My daughter and her 4 best friends all tried out for the spirit squad. It was an intense 2 day tryout and she found out Friday she was the ONLY one of her friends who did not make it. We both spent the whole weekend trying to keep our tears in check. My heart is heavy...and just couldn't get into writing my flirty romantic scene. Just couldn't do it.
    There is always something getting in my way.

  50. Hi Sherrinda,
    I'm so sorry. I noticed on Facebook that something was amiss, but I didn't want to pry. (And the fact that I still have no clue how to work the whole Facebook thing.) It's hard to understand why God let's our children go through those rejections and difficulties. I'm sure in 5 or 10 years, you'll see how God used the situation and your daughter will too, but right now in the middle, I'm sure it's just plain hard! It's so neat that your daughter has you to turn to and that you can support her in this. You sound like a wonderful mother! I'll pray that God will lift your heart and give you peace that his will was done.

  51. Hi Terri,
    Thought I left a response to your comment, but I must not have saved it! How odd! Anyway! Congratulations on making such good progress on your writing! I noticed your sidebar on your blog and thought, wow, she is just moving along!!


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