Across the Bridge. . .

I finally finished all of the revisions for my first Genesis Contest entry. Whew!

I filled out the Genesis application form online, which was very, very simple. (Great job, ACFW contest coordinators!) Uploading the file was painless (just remember if you have Word 2007 you will need to "Save As" Word 97-2003 before sending it).

As my fingers hovered above the ENTER button, my heart hammered in my chest. Was my entry really ready? Should I read it over for the 500th time just to make sure?

If I hit ENTER, then I would have to cross the bridge. I wouldn't be able to return to the other side. My entry and I would part ways.

With one big breath, I made the leap. I pushed the button.

I crossed my first bridge. . .


  1. These are good comments and helpful tips. A lot of these are mistakes I can't find simply reading my manuscript through internally, I have to read it aloud and then, suddenly, they're there! I've been finding all sorts of tips like this around lately and all of them are so helpful to me as I work on my new book. Thanks!

  2. Hi Cindy,

    I totally agree! I'm returning the Self-Editing for Fiction Writers book to the library today and have been frantically finishing taking my notes! I would highly recommend checking this one out if you can find it! It was one of the best, practical books on writing I've read.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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