New Book Release: September 2022


ENTRUSTED is now available! This is book six and the grand finale of the Knights of Brethren series!


I have to say, when I opened up a blank document to begin writing this last story, I honestly didn’t know how I was going to wrap up this series and bring all the loose ends together.


Of course, I knew I needed to tell Kristoffer’s story and continue the quest for the holy lamp (the relic that I introduced in book five). I also knew I needed to have the final epic battle with King Canute (from the neighboring country). But beyond that, I wasn’t sure how I’d be able to bring everything to a satisfying ending.


To make matters more complicated, not only had I developed an external threat to the Knights of Brethren (King Canute and his army of Dark Warriors), but I’d also thrown in an internal threat (possible betrayal from within the tight-knit group of knights).


With so much to resolve, you can only imagine my trepidation. But as always, I plunged forward with telling Kristoffer and Birgitta’s love story. And somehow along the way, they took over the storytelling, led me on a dangerous and delectable journey, and came up with an ending that defied anything I could have imagined—oh, wait, I did imagine it!


It's true that sometimes I forget the characters aren’t real people. They come to life so vividly, I just let them dictate the story so that by the time I write the climax, they’re fully in charge and somehow happen to create an ending that satisfies me.


I’m happy to report readers are satisfied with the series conclusion too! Here’s what they’re saying:


“What an amazing conclusion to this wonderful and entertaining series! I was completely captivated from the opening scene until the last page. I recently read Enflamed and loved it, but I think Entrusted is even better.”


“This book was just a wonderful conclusion to an amazing series. I have so loved this series and I am so sad to see it end.”


“This is the last book in the Knights of Brethren series and, OH. MY. GOODNESS, it is a story that will captivate you and hold you spellbound until the very end!”


“An absolutely perfect ending to an epic and romantic series, this book was SO good! Oh my gosh, I was completely enraptured reading it. I didn't even notice the passing of time because the story just pulled me in, and I didn't come up until I had finished it in one sitting. I LOVED this story!”


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