New Book Release: November 2020


Do you like Sleeping Beauty retellings? BESOTTED, the third and final book in The Fairest Maidens, is now available and is a unique retelling of the old classic fairy tale.


Each book of the series is fashioned after a fairy tale BEHOLDEN (September) is loosely tied to Cinderella,  BEGUILED (October) is developed around Snow White. And, as mentioned, BESOTTED (November) is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. 


While the heroines in this series are strong and daring and take center stage, the heroes are also very important young men. They are three brothers, princes, who are competing against each other for a chance at becoming the next king of their country. 


As part of the competition for the kingship, each of the princes must travel to a foreign land, live in obscurity for six months, and prove they have the character necessary for being a king. In order to do that, they each are given an individual challenge that is written onto their swords. A scribe (who is also a body guard) accompanies them on the journey and is tasked with writing down everything that the princes do during the six months so that a special council can determine who is worthiest of the crown.


So how do readers feel about this conclusion to the series? Here are just a few things early readers said:


“Like the other two books in the series, Besotted was an extremely clever twist to a classic fairytale. All the adventure and intrigue from the first two books come to a suspenseful conclusion.”


The perfect title for this story because I was totally besotted with it. Wonderful conclusion to this fairytale series. I loved Aurora and Kresten’s story. The plot is well developed and keeps you on the edge of your seat. So many twists and turns.”


“The characters grew, matured and developed so much during the story that by the end they were my favorite couple of the three! Perfect is the only word I can use to describe the ending to this book and series!”


“What a wonderful conclusion to a beautiful Fairy tale series! Besotted is a book that leaves you with all the feels! I loved each book in this series but I particularly loved how Besotted wrapped up all the loose ends from the first two books leaving every reader very satisfied.”


If you love fairy tales, I invite you to give the series a try and let me know what you think!


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